Btw is fort capture time broken or changed?

It seems they get captured very fast!

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Yes. It appears they reverted their change they did back in May.

Its very bad! Why they did this?
You cant basically craft anything now! You capture the fort and then you go to craft its captured again!

No one’s sure, we’ll have to see if they say something.

I noticed it this morning - I think you can capture forts before anyone can react to the message that the fort is under attack

Fort flips back and forth so fast that we barely have enough time to craft cool downs after capture

Yea, it led to some interesting pvp encounters, random party vs party capturing forths here and there.

I hope it won’t degenerate like last time with forts swapping.

It probably will, but it’s capped at 10 per day. Basically, it takes almost an hour at minimum to swap a fort 20 times (10 for each side) which would yield 10K PvP XP and 3000 Salt.

Since they recently added bonuses to the fort I do agree it would be better for the times to be slightly longer. However, increasing the time not only affects territory pushes and genuine fort fights. 10 Minutes is too long, 2.5 minutes is too short. The range should probably fall between 5-10 minutes. Maybe 5 minutes minimum, 7.5 maximum?

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Its very bad dude! Basically forts never get locked now. So when you go capture a fort specially FL and want to use the bonus for craft you can’t! By the time you TP out, but the mats and move to station the fort is taken back again!

hMM does that mean pvp will have to start camping the forts instead of harvesting nodes?

It is no problem, you can only capture a small amount until you only get 250xp for ech fort.

I don’t think people are mad about the PVP XP or Salt, more the buffs from the forts. Before it took 10 minutes, giving you time to go use the buffs. Now with 5 minutes, there is barely enough time to do whatever crafting, etc, that you wanted to do.

Exactly. Im not very good at explaining

Now that is exaggerating. You can craft and refine without the buff.

Yes, obviously you can without the buff, but with the previous mechanics it was easier to utilize the buff. That’s all.

Depend of numbers if 1 person caping 10 min, 10 caping 5 min ;D

Well no. That got changed with the latest patch, back to 5 minutes individually, 2.5m minimum.

I can’t

What a genius! Thanks for the info!

I’m so glad we have people like HagenZ clarifying that we can still refine materials without having the fort under our faction’s control. What would we do without them? :smile: