Buff rewards from PvP

Seriously. You can PvP for 5 hours and not get one usable piece of gear. The umbrals are also so low I can’t even believe that’s not a bug. The PvP track is the same horrible purple gear with a bad PvP perk no one uses, a potion crate with 3 potions or 800 gold over and over again. Azoth salt just piles up. It’s like the rewards are for level 30s. It’s just pathetic at this point.

Possible solutions:

-Make all OPR gear BOE. Make the drop rate for legendaries lower to compensate.

-Every PvP track completed should reward you with 1k or more umbrals. This can scale with how many tracks you have completed. People who are past track 200 will get more for example.

-Make Azoth salt able to be used like expedition materia. Maybe 50k-100k azoth salt can be used to craft a random piece of gear. This piece will have your stat and armor class of choice, and resilience.

-Make weapons from the PvP track able to be upgraded to legendary. Buff the amount of umbrals from the PvP track.

I, like many other people, PvP almost exclusively as their main form of content. Please make it worth the time and a good alternative to progressing your character.


I like the idea of 1k umbral shards per pvp track.

100/50 shards for a 30min OPR feels so freaking miserable, while in that time you can run 1 or 2 m10 depending if gen/laz are up and get 12000 shards. Insane


I was grinding PvP for hundreds of hours and dont wear any gear i have gotten from PvP because everything from crafting and PvE drops were better. Sad state of PvP rewards.
Also getting enough umbral shards from PvP is just a joke compared to PvE.


I think getting umbrals is more than fair for completing a track. Right now there is really no incentive to complete one once you have your champion jewelry really

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I think it’s definitely easier to get PvP experience compared to doing m10s right? There’s also a significant investment into being able to even complete higher mutations. But I don’t think the difference in rewards should be as intense as it is now.

That’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain their reasoning behind low PvP rewards. But there can be challenges made for PvP to remedy it. Like hot streaks for arena can give you a “champions chest” or something with a large amount of umbrals and some good gear in it. Idk I feel like it’s really easy to come up with a solution they just haven’t updated it since it was released.

This is the great divide.

Some people claim that you have to suffer and sweat M10s full ward hatchet 5 con meta to get “rewards”, when opening said dungeon chests is infinitely more rewarding than 1 week OPR stuff.

1k shards per OPR and 1/3 of any mutated drops will suffice, not even close to balance, but fine, I can burn 40 minutes at OPR and anyone else can do a M10 in 20 minutes, just I dunno, throw us a bone, we are not even demanding new content, areas, anything, just, a little reward for the game mode we enjoy.

I expect Sonickat to come and derail this thread any minute now.

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I’m pretty sure the PvP track rewards are bugged. I am well past pvp level 200 and I haven’t received a legendary item in over 50 pvp levels. I actually get more blue gear, like the image below, opposed to legendary gear.

Anyway, the PvP track is a good idea and the rate your progress is good, but the rewards are bad. They need to buff the PvP track rewards and it should make a meaningful difference for PvPers.

I think they should cap pvp levels at about 25 levels per week once you get past pvp level 200 and then standardized the rewards. The first check point would be about 4k gold and crafting mods, the second check point would be 4k shards and more crafting mods (maybe include shirking fortification and freedom mods), and the 3rd checkpoint should be one piece of armor, one jewelry and one weapon which are all legendary.

If you completed all your PvP levels for the week you would walk away with possible 100k gold, 100k shards, and maybe some useful gear. This would be similar, but less rewarding than running 25 m10 mutations.

You upgrade the named items from the track, they will be legendary with an extra perk. Usually shirking heals.

We need umbral shards from the pvp track. Finish one get some.
Like this as PvP’er I don’t even wanna play the game anymore.

We need a decent umbral shards reward for OPR matches.

An M1 yields 600 yards. And you can do it in 20 mins, specially Laz or Gen. Average OPR is how long? 25-30 mins? Throw 1k shards to the winners, buff the OPR garbage rewards with common dungeon drops, you get way WAY better PvP rewards on dungeons than doing PvP content itself, it’s nuts.


Those are only the named items that can be upgraded and not the regular gear or weapons you find. Some of the named weapons are okay, but the named gear is pretty terrible. Shirking heals is a dead perk and it’s all full con which is really limiting for most builds if you want to fully stack it to get its full benefit. It’s just outdated and they need a more dynamic gearing system to be flexible with new metas.

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I really like the PvP track, but they just need to update it and supplement it with other systems. Finding more uses for azoth salt, making completing a track give other things other than just that. I gave a few ideas already, and it’s really not hard to think of more since it’s a pretty solid system.

if there’s going to be RNG PvP gearing, there needs to be similar drops to what drops in expeditions from the track. Even make it completely random idc anything other than the same potion packs over and over again.

I collected all the pvp named items months ago. The track use to give legendary random items (jewlry, weapons, armor). I received a legendary random item in months.