Buff the raiper bleed tree

can we get this looked at with all the nerfs to the rapier to nerf healer can we get a buff for the people who use it to agro


@kallummiller HI there! Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the Rapier. What kind of buffs would you want to see to the bleed tree?


O damg awsome sauce!
1 thank you for replying
2 i just woke up but i was doing some play testing last night mid maxing the bleed and dueling people in my company i recoreded them and will be getiing the numbers all put together later this morning

Roughly (trcendo) i know its spelled very wrong

Its dmg out put is very low 200-500 is the range of dmg it does when im 300 dex 210 intelligence and t5 honing stone, the biggest bleed i was able to apply was 120ish This ability offers no utility as well like stagger stun or root For example the Spears leg sweep ability

Currently the rapiers only CC ability is defensive
While the blunder buzz has 3 separate CC abilities

I like the 2nd Ability of the Bleed tree But it can be hard to hitAnd once again the damageIs very lowWith 5 bleed stacks taking on some playersI was only able to do about 2000 Damage when procking disability If its targeting was something Similar to leaping Strike Or the Spears ability that allows it toJump towards the target also It consumes all the bleach for only a 100% of the bleed damage I feel this should be more around a A 150To 200

And lastly in this rough draftThe rapier’s hitbox for its Light attacksAnd its ability to stay onA opponent I feel are it’sBiggest downfallsThe basic attack damage is very goodBut it’s only good if it can be applied

I’ll come back afterBreakfastAnd I’ll put up some hard numbersOn this postAnd once again thank you

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I dont think you actually have spent much time at all using the bleed tree abilities. Flourish and finish already does 150% of the bleed damage upon hit. And now with the buff to tondo bleed flourish and finish damage is kind of insane. Just requires some set up. It is hard to hit the finish part though but it does not need tracking like leaping strike. That would ruin it. All it need is a bigger hit box on the finish part.

I have used the rapier blood tree a lot. These would be my suggestions.

The Problem:
Tondo suffers mainly from poor recovery. If you use the ability you are literally locked in place and cannot perform any action for what seems like close to a full second. For an ability thats damage is very underwhelming and is mainly a set up tool you leave your self open to nearly any kind of attack and you will lose out on that kind of trade almost every time.
The Solution:
There are 2 ways to balance this. One way would be simply to reduce the recovery time so you can dodge sooner after using the ability. Very simple very easy. The other way would be to increase the damage so that it is a bit more rewarding for the risk of being stuck in place.

Flourish and Finish
The Problem:
This ability is already really good the only issues it has is that the hit box on the finish part is so small that it is very easy to miss. even if you straight up run into someone with it you can still miss.
The Solution:
Simply increase the hit-box and this is good to go.

The Problem:
The problem is nearly everything…. If cyclone on the spear and whirlwind on the Greataxe didnt exists this would be the worst ability in the game for sure although they are all very close together in that race. To start with flurry just doesnt hit anything. There is no lunge on the hits so it rarely does anything after the initial hit connects. The initial hit comes out very slow making it very easy to react and dodge the remaining hits. The whole thing just takes too long to perform for it to be useful.
The Solution:
There are a couple ways to go about fixing this ability. One thing that has to happen is giving it some forward lunge throughout the ability. After that it either needs grit or it needs to stagger on the first hit or the whole animation needs to be sped up. Cant even talk about the damage because you can never actually hit anything consistently to see how that is.
The way flurry is right now is basically unusable.

Hey thank you for the correction I just woke up when I replied to this I didn’t have the numbers in front of me Also thank you for your input The more input the better

Also I played the bleed tree majority when I was leveling So it has been a minute

I agree i just want to add that a stagger or knockdown would do it wonders Similar to the leg sweep ability on the spear

@SIMPLY_FABULOUS @kallummiller Thank you both for sharing your experiences with the Rapier’s Bleed tree. I am going to share your input regarding Tondo and Flourish and Finish with the team.

Dont forget flurry!!!

rapier bleed tree really needs either a complete overhaul or flat buffs across the boards. The damage is too low. The mechanics are too clunky. The ultimate is bound to a skill.
Its just flat out terrible how it is currently.
Look at the main DEX stat weapon spear. Its a 1v1 weapon which ultimately a DEX weapon should be.
Now lets look at rapier. In what world do you have killing potential with pure rapier against players that got either 100+ consti or are above light armor weight class.
None absolutely none. You cant chip away at them. You dont outsustain them. You dont outtrade them.

Rapier bleed is a meme in PvP. It’s be really great to add a good counter like Silence to one of it’s abilities

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