Buffer Window Feedback

The importance of maintaining combat fluidity in the upcoming patch(s) should start to be addressed and echoed a bit more by the community.

Some of the weapons feel they are dialed too far up for a buffer window or in some cases feels like the game is lagging or a weapon swap is glitched or both. I am unsure if the weapons are just not swapping properly or if the buffer window for each is varied. If we could see some cooldown effect upon swapping or a time description display tip for each weapon in the short term I think this would have a positive impact.

Thanks in advance for any additional thoughts on this.


yes 100% the clunk and server lag are killing my desire to play this game right now.

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I’d love to understand their logic for this change. It’s actually miserable to play PvP in this game right now.

The devs mentioned they wanted to make combat more fluid and then they add an increased animation lock time. It’s frustrating to witness the quality of the gameplay suffer simply to short-sighted “fixes” to issues that stem from something else entirely.

When they first introduced these buffer windows to the ice gauntlet I should’ve seen it as a sign as to where the devs heads were at in terms of understanding how to tweak and adjust the over performing abilities, weapons, and perks ect. They’ve proven themselves to not only not understand the underlying issues of their own bloody game or what the community wants.

The nail in the coffin for me was the newest change to Ice Shower removing your stamina bar for 3 seconds after you’re caught in it.

They had me in the first half :joy:

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I can’t tell if all the weapons have the same buffer and the teams intent is to dial down some of them according to the weight of the attacks/abilities even further or if this past change is how things will be for the foreseeable future.

There are a lot of topics that seem to reference the buffer window but are coming out like it is something else.

The community is saying a lot of the same things here, but being veiled in a few other paths or directions as to what the reasoning is.

It all comes down to the Buffer Window that the team added.

More of the same. People really enjoyed the fluid nature of the previous incarnation of weapon swaps and speed of abilities.

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