Buffing FOC users

What are the CURRENT best ways for Foc users to buff their secondary weapons? (primary being lifestaff ofc)

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foc nature damage gem

Amber Gem

Isn’t the amber gem broken since launch?

Yes, only use the flawed amber gem, better ones provide less damage to your secondary weapon.

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Depending on what you are doing, and what gear you have, you really only need around 200 FOC, if you have blessed and + healing perk on your ring.

Right now I’m 150str 200foc 100con.
That is wearing a lot of STR gear, with a few item swaps. I’m 50str, 300foc 100con. No need to respec.

they still haven’t fixed it ? they fixed int gems, why not the focus gem ? xD

Giving Healers more Dmg would be the wrong path, in my eyes.
Give foc users a weapon, which can buff allies and debuff enemies (with 0 dmg).
Like tethers allies, so you heal/buff both at once or tethering enemies, where the second enemy gets 50% dmg transfered.
Or dmg/more hp/more reg x aura around the foc user.

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