Buffs and Debuffs in New World

Hello there!

I think it would be lovely to have the buffs and debuffs separate, like one ontop of the other instead of having them mixed into one line of buffs/debuffs.


bump, this is such a problem it’s very annoying.

How are we going to do more mechanics on PvE or know what is happening to us in PvP without this feature?

We need to have the option to hide alert messages for example server messages.

Those should be displayed in chat.

the health bar can be snug on the bottom of the screen and above it can be extra space for a dedicated buff bar and a dedicated debuff bar.

Please allow us freedom to just move and customize the whole UI how we please.


Bump this needs more traction. QoL and bug fixes/ balance should be #1 priority right now.


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