Buffs and nerfs are inevitable, but holy crap can we do baby steps instead of outright ruining a class. RIP fire staff and ice gauntlet

I am glad thy nerfed the fire staff and ice gauntlet because you get the best points in fortress siege and invasions without any efforts but 2-3 clicks…

In my opinion, musket players should complain that our dps is the worst that no pvp or pve groups wants musket as dps class

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Ok man just show me a video and I will 100% believe whatever the video shows me.

@laoi You could NEVER jump out of Ice Shower. This is a lie.


  • Jumping and traversal are now disabled when navigation is disabled (e.g. Root).

the fix for it is literally in the patch notes.

just stop. had this pointless discussion already and put a noob claiming the exact same bullshit as you in a seat.

you can jump out of roots. its a fact. its proven. i gave you the proof. now be silent and accept that you´re a noob


Are we sure the things seen on the PTS are definite changes?

It is hopefully going to live up to it’s name as a Public Test Server.

unfortunaly yea. game is over when this pile of shit goes live

That’s just weird. I get that a PTS is a chance to work out the final wrinkles in a patch. It just seems like it should do a bit more than that. Perhaps they are concerned only one type of player might have too large a say in development leaving the devs in the dark about so many other players.

They could at least fix the bugged stuff BEFORE changing numbers. I mean, the stupidity behind not doing so is amazing.

Looking at this extreme nerfs I have doubts that current team has any kind of competence to run MMO environment.

they have no intention to balance the game. they only care about creating an as easy and braindead enviroment as possible so that the masses of casual dad gamers can swing their greataxe in joy until the game inevitably dies in 1-2 months.

Usable? I feel much better.

The PTR is for users to test the major upcoming patch and report bugs and critical issues mostly, this is what the public test server is for - a large scale test.

For the balancing here, it is so hard out of balance that minor finetuning does not work anymore, the crazy changes that were announced are needed to get to a somewhat balanced state where finetuning can be applied later. You can’t fix a totaled car after a crash with just new paint, you need some heavy lifting to fix it, same here.

GA/WH swinging gamer dad detected

GA/WH? Hell yeah, since the beginning. Gamer? Yes. Dad? Nope, did not manage to produce any kids so far that i know about, but i have over 600h ingame and some of them on the PTR to test things - the balancing is moving into the right direction. Nerfing unkillable healers in heavy armor, nerfing mages who dominate large scale PvP battles and produce way more damage than any other ranged class and even outdamage melees in a zerg fight. Really good changes. Same goes for the void gauntlet - healers get a nice weapon that is not OP, but allows them to finally have a 2nd scaling weapon for their main attribute.
In total: really good changes.

Specially the WH changes for the left tree that has needed a major buff, since everybody is running the right tree skills and perks now all day long.

I’m so out of touch with the meta. Almost all my points are in the left hand side. :rofl:

If all the so called balance changes go through AGS will kill their game faster than it is allready dying.


that is all i have to say to you.

Its how it works, people want the great axe nerfed, so to be fair the staff gauntlet get it too.

just that GA isnt getting nerfed even tho its op AF and literal braindead mode to play while FS/IG were actually in a good spot.

who cares tho. this game is done. shut down imminent. should rename it to Crucible 2.0

Overall the patch is good just because of tank heals nerf. But yes ice gauntlet nerf while leaving GA alone just makes 0 sense