[Bug] Basic Ancient Combat Trophy disappear when trading

Character name : Lemonada / Lennoxy (My Friend)
AP Southeast [Yulbrada]

I found bug when I trade “Basic Ancient Combat Trophy” with my friend at Windsward. These items in my inventory gone but they don’t exist in my friend inventory. I lost 2 of them yesterday and more 2 today when trading.

This bug doesn’t work with another kind of trophy. “Basic Corrupted Combat Trophy” can trade perfectly.

At first I thought they will exist if I exit the game and go to bed but they don’t

I need them back and can you fix this bug please.

Character name: Dr0pDead
Server: Ophir

I also encountered this same bug. I (Dr0pDead) traded 2 Basic Ancient Combat Trophies to my friend (PelvicThruster) and neither showed up in his inventory. Please return them back to me so I can give them to him.

Just happened today. 3:45 pm PST Tarshish server. Made it for a player named Enzay, traded it and it disappeared, please fix.

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