[Bug] Bow double attack

Character Name: Friimi
Issue that occurred: I fired one regular heavy attack and it did damage twice.
Time and Date: November 2, 2021 1:00 pm PT
World/Server: Nolandia
Location where issue occurred: Cutlass Keys
Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Not sure how to reproduce. I did a dodge roll before the attack for extra damage and fired a regular heavy attack on a gator. Somehow it hit twice, see below video.

edit: as you can see in the video, it fired 2 arrows.

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Finally. We bow users have been waiting patiently for our own exploit!

This was happening from the begining.
Other range weapons also do double damage sometimes

This does not apply to muskets sir. We need one of those

You need to show AGS your build so they can determine if it was caused by a talent or something

I hear and see my musket fire two or three times a lot idk about you

While it has a sound animation of firing two or three times, it most certainly only damages ONCE.

Happens a million times - the damage remains the same… 0 (everytime it happens)

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