[BUG?] Camping not unlocked yet

I’m level 9 now, and I cant finish the campaign “Survival Tips” because i always get told: “Camping not unlocked yet” - what can I do?


I have the same problem as you! Hope devs solves the problem quickly among the queue times :slight_smile:

yee hope the notice this problem exists :confused:

Guys this “What it Takes Quest” is bugged, and I cannot move on I did everything and can’t press Y ! :frowning:

“camp not unlocked yet bug”

I have the same issue.

I am level 56. Till yesterday camping worked fine. Today i get “camping not unlocked”

bump, still an issue

need to relog to fix. at this point can the devs consider a reload option so that we don’t have to restart/relog everytime there is a UI issue, which happens quite a bit.

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