[Bug] Character stutters after stamina regens from zero

Reduce your stamina to 0 by rolling 2-3 times. Once your stamina fully regens, your character will stutter. Always happens to me and everyone I’ve asked.

See this video for an example of what it looks like. Notice how when I regen back to full, the stamina bar flutters and the screen twitches.

Hopefully this bug gets fixed next patch because it’s extremely annoying and makes playing as dex feel incredibly clunky/laggy/buggy.


Also experiencing the same issue

Hasn’t been fixed in the latest patch. I don’t think people realize how annoying this stuttering is for dex players. Also makes PvP videos look terrible.

I’m assuming players aren’t reporting this because they assume it’s just rubberbanding/network lag and don’t know what’s causing it.

Bumping this. Still not fixed and still not in the known issues list.

Confirming this still isn’t fixed and don’t see it in December patch notes. Devs still do not appear to be aware of this issue

this issue is extremely annoying and i don’t know why it’s not getting more attention. BUMP

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