BUG: Disabled character rotation during combat with "special" mobs

Since the last update there have been moments where the character rotation is simply disabled.
The first occurrence was during DG 25, in the last boss while carrying out the attacks the character stopped rotating, I could only move back and forth, not being able to look to the sides. It was still possible to attack but only forward.
When the boss died everything went back to normal, we finished the DG, 30min passed and I went to do it again (in the meantime I had no problems) and this time the bug came back worse: in ALL the mobs the rotation stopped but when they died all the that were close, unlocked. It was like that for the whole DG, I tried to use the “detach”, switch between weapons several times, lie down, crouch, jump, change the game to windowed mode, then full screen, nothing solved. The only “way” to look/move to the sides was using the bow sight, but to “solve” the bug the solution was to close the game and open it again.
Today this was repeated during the 3x3 Arena, before it started everything was normal but it was to give the first attack for the rotation to stop again. I couldn’t look to the sides, just walk forward and stop backwards (needless to say I was the first to die), when I died it blew up, but when I started the next round, it crashed again. At the end of the arena, everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know if the trigger is some combo of attacks and I’m sure it’s not a third-party app as it only occurs during specific combats. I played for hours in the “normal world” without going through it, I made rotations of the mermaid, palace, malevolence, mines and myrk and at no time the bug occurred, it really seems that it only happens when you are in an arena with a combatant.

I’m lvl 60
Armor: Light set
Weapons: Bow (1st) and Spear (2nd)
I usually play using a lot of scrolling and switching between weapons according to the distance of the target.

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