[BUG EXPLAINED] Received no gold for selling? House compensation error?


Same here. Sold 442 orichalcum ingots and didnt receive the more than 2000 gold for it.

Same here

bump, if this is true it needs attention ASAP

same sold a bag for 2300 gold and didnt get it and the 2k for the house too ;( same amount of monkey as i logged out …

Have the exact same issue, i didnt get the housing compensation for 2 k, and over night i sold like 10k worth of items, but it didnt add up into my money! so i lost like 8k worth money over night!

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Same here. Sold 2 bags for over 5000 gold and didnt get the money.

They need to shut this game down and just take another year. This is insane. I’m losing hope and patience.


Is this just happening with new sell orders or also with older sell orders from before patch ?
Also do you get an on screen message that you sold anything or you just see it by looking into the market ?

The same happened to me. At this point, I don’t really care. I can’t play this much longer. What is the point? It seems everything is broken and I just don’t care. Apathy is much worse than hate. I don’t hate the game, but become more and more apathetic each day.


it happens while you are offline, and it still up this bug, so all you sell or buy with buyorder while your offline is gone, no money, no items

Thx now I see it in my orders too … great bought 5 greater runes and other stuff over night and its not in the storage. Also not sure what I sold because I sell a lot and the done orderlist is cleared …

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Wtf I had the same. I sold many gems worth 15k + and didnt recieve any gold for it. Wtf.

Yeah i have the same problem. Sold some items and didnt recieve any money.

When I log in I receive a bunch of notifications. Sometimes delayed of gold coming to my account from items sold.

May well be a bug or could be a delay issue - Defo needs further testing as a community until it’s announced as bug by the Devs.

Same issue here. lost 5k in gold from 1 bag

im logged in for 2h now, no missing gold that came in.

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Bumping to confirm I also did not receive gold for auctions sold.

Got same message

Sold 3 bags and did not receive 5,5k gold - waiting in amazon live chat support for 20 minutes now (estimated waiting time: 1 minute)


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Estimated wait: 89 minutes for me. lol