[Bug] Faction cooldown bugged

Can we just get a faction cooldown reset? Alot of people have been waiting a long time for this and it bugs again?

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This, just reset everyone’s faction cooldown and be done with, this is getting silly.

I still have 51 days and i been waiting for 69 days… the wait time reduction did not work in my case as i asked some days ago…

Good Luck everyone I am at 51 days and have been in constant contact with support. They have no ETA on this fix so with our luck it will happen after merges and we wont be able swap to the faction we want due to the other issues like majority controlled/popular on that new server. I was told mine would be fixed with this update but that was a lie.

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I had had 59 days yesterday. Already waited the other half. My cool down hasn’t reset either.

Same here, I was at 65~ days aprox, I already waited two months since you said that the change was going to be time ago, it did not happen, now you said with the new MAJOR PATCH which is this one 1.2 i’ts not working either. So basically we have to wait twice because a bug did not get fixed. This is encouraging me to leave New World because this is frustrating, I don’t care about updates, super endgame exciting content if I can’t play with my friends.

You should start listening to your players and act fast, I don’t know how many bug reports AGS need to start working on a fix for something, but I can tell you this is making a lot of people leave the game regardless of updates.

Hope you can fix this fast this time with a hotfix, otherwise im done.


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I should already be at 0, had 120 wait day before i changed server. Still have 58 days left.

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also wondering about this.

I recently got merged to Caer Sidi , my current company wants to balance the server and has moved faction to assist with the huge imbalance.

I had 72 days left for my merge so was hoping it would be 12 days left and i wont have to wait 2 months just to play with my friends again

I was 71 days before the patch, and it says 60 days now. I was waiting to join my friends on a different Faction…

We have just had a major patch and this issue is STILL occuring. It has completely wrecked the game for us and ruined our plans for server merge which we were extemely excited about. PLEASE for the love of god fix this or just reset everyone to 0 days one time. This issue is massively game breaking for many people

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The BEST thing they can do after this massive fuck up is to reset everyones cooldowns for faction transfers no matter who the player is and their timer. This fixes the situation for everyone and is more than likely the easiest way to fix it with how badly their game is coded!

I SHOULD BE AT ZERO DAYS but im still stuck at 59 days left to transfer and im not waiting 2 months to play with my mates because of a stupid fuck up caused by AGS yet again!

Yeah i’m the same - been waiting for 3 weeks now to play with my friends.
Thought on multiple occasions it would be fixed.

I really think now - just reset everyone to 0 days…

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Server : Tulgey Wood
User : ZOMGitsEPIC

Same issue for me. Your timer is busted.

Yeah, me and all my friends with faction cooldowns that we have had for months now still have 48 days remaining when it was suppose to be cleared after this major patch release. So this definitely wasn’t fixed. Is there any sort of ETA on this??


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Bump until faction reset happens :smiley:

@Kay Any update for this bug would be great as my cooldown is still 57 days out of 120 & there are multiple threads with no answers in them, aswell as an update for when the rest of the merges are meant to be finished? Cheers.

Kay the next big update came and went. Now we have to wait a month? This should be pushed to the TOP of list.

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