[BUG] Fixed point of view

Character Name Yukaze
Issue that occurred: My lvl 60 character stucked at inn NPC after we talked, changed my faction symbol to purple from green. I did unstuck, then recall Inn, and restarted the game too. I was able to move, but my point of view was still fixed to that NPC, and my faction status remained unchanged, purple. My character is currently not playable at all.
Time and Date 04.11.2021 around 20:00 GMT +1
World/Server: EU/Muspelheim
Location where issue occurred: Endergrove, Valor Hold
Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: I have no clue, what happend. I teleported from Mountainhome to Valor Hold and wanted to register to the local inn.

I’ve had this bug many times when moving away from the perspective point my view is locked on the character. But I can’t interact with them again. However, interacting with another object, be it a campfire or another npc you should be able to remove the perspective lock. Try this as it has worked for me in the past.

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Thanks for the advice! I logged in today to check what you said and it was already fixed. I don’t know what caused and what solved problem, but it’s okay now.

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