Bug Forums should be a Private Forum for Developers and CM's only

I should not be able to view every bug available to man-kind.

Most of the gamebreaking bugs and exploits in New World have been discovered and spread throughout the player-base by a post viewed right here in this forum.

This should be a private category where the public cannot see this.

If a gold dupe is posted here, everyone who plays new world can see it and share it and dupe gold.

This is just wrong.

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Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely understand the concern for posting exploits and utilizing this as a medium to spread that information.

I personally find the bug reporting section helpful for not just employees but anyone who may be experiencing an issue with quests glitching out and are looking for an update or a resolution that we’re able to provide. We ask anyone who finds an exploit to dm either myself or @Aenwyn as mentioned here: [Dev Blog] How to report Exploits

Definitely can make that information clearer and I’ll look to mirroring the post in the bug reporting section.

Maybe once reviewed and confirmed by devs, it is placed into the public bug list, but initial post is hidden until reviewed by a CM?

For several months after launch, I was able to refer folks to bug reports here (and my Trello board) because it was public-facing. Perhaps, if the concern is really about exploits, a separate & private exploits forum section could be created and would be better suited for those issues.

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But if I may, I always love reading your post/s and replies, much skill in conversations and ideas, just brilliant but in this case there’s a negative side which you brought up and IS just, give ya that but quite a few bug reports and ones that needed a bug report but the player/s didn’t know how/where to, I and others have helped in some of those reports. Biggest one I help with is the infamous crafting bug which I might add, as yet, even now in this latest patch, has received ZERO attention, not even mentioned. And this is/has been an ongoing bug they’ve KNOWN about before release of the game.

Bad part is, even when someone like myself or others have tried and have been helpful, even given thanks by the CM/CL’s on helping with the issues (not just crafting but in general) others will brow beat either the player or NW/AGS itself without actually helping or offering advice.

I think those postings in bug reports which offer nothing but hate and BS, those should be given the heave-ho sure, but players seem to help sometimes when CM/CL/Devs can’t/won’t and give those reporting a player work around ‘fix’ that even the devs can’t “fix”

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As someone who has reported many bugs in the past, I think it’s the process that is the problem.

Nobody likes using the Feedback mechanic because there is no feedback or acknowledgement that the bug is being addressed. So they end up reporting them here, for everyone to see. The problems crop up when these bugs are not fixed immediately, but go onto the PTR instead. IMO, bugs should be patched immediately in a weekly release and should never be a part of a PTR release, which should be reserved for balance changes and new content.

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