[BUG] Hortus Bear

Shynx Deathwing (name)
Orofena (server)
All the Hortus Bear mobs on this server are not minable
i originally killed one and tried to mine it. it didnt work. I thought maybe it was because of elevation issue so i killed a few more on a flat area. Not a single one of them work.
Obvious im kinda sad i needed motes and lodestone and that was my way to kill two birds with one stone, not i have to find them individually.

This was an intentional (temporary) change and was noted in an official post [Notice] Update 1.1 Stability Issues (2nd post here)

Because they have no idea how their game works, they just disable features till they can pretend they figure it out (while introducing additional bugs).

Almost a week later, this is still disabled. This is comical…

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