Bug in trading post

there is a small bug i think in trading post.
i make a buy order to buy wood for 0.09 per unit
but others make sell order for 0.08 or 0.09 but the market wont sell automaticly to me for that 0.09, i must buy it manualy

Not a bug just not how buy orders work.

You put up a buy order but players must sell directly to you not put up on the market.

It doesn’t automatically buy everything at that price.

well it should automaticly buy all at that price or lower

Maybe it should not sure if its a bug though, but as of right now it does not

they should fix/improve it to auto buy

No I don’t think they should. Just check the TP your own fault if you miss out on a good deal.

i make a simple and easy to understand order :“buy all that is X or under X”
it should be executed without me loosing time to check market every hour

You could just check the TP its not that difficult. You are just being lazy.

why not have less unnecesarly things to do ?

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