Bug login - i was supposed to play next - but ended up at the end of the line

Good evening everyone!

I put in to wait in line, beautiful, I got in line number 1566, at 8:46pm.

I went to watch a show in the meantime, then got 860 at 9:24pm. I went back to watch my show. After this, at 9:36pm I went to position 615.

At 9:50pm I was at position [342].

Well, at 10:06pm I managed to connect to the server, which is what my friends who have added me in the game told me, but when I went to log in I got the message: “connection error” …

And at 10:06pm I was queued at position [2355].

Just like that AMAZON GAMES?

I look forward to more information!
*Note: I have a print.



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