[Bug] Major luck trophy

What point? Right now you don’t have any points.

They should show the luck stats ingame on your Character.

At this moment the information is lacking and bad communication from devs and it only leads to confusion. This is opposite of smart.


Although I would find it more convenient to have the number summed up for me, that would not change anything. People would still think that the number they are showing is wrong/bugged when they are just being unlucky.

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Ok. :thinking:

Anyway this whole discussion is pointless.
AGS have already their roadmap of what they want to do and change.

Look at the forums feedback. Mods only reply to post they are already planning on doing. Or if a post get 200+ they would just reply with “We will carefully monitor this” and then do nothing.

Luck on items show in percentage% and food items, trophies show in +number. It cant be more confusing and there is no sum or information ingame.

Should every player ingame need to google about it? And still no answers on the forums.

Also PvP toggle, does it give gathering luck? Information doesnt show ingame. How should a player know? And people complain about players are not toggling PvP. If players knew I think more would toggle PvP.

So many things thats need to be fixed/implemented.

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Yeah, I’m mostly agreeing with you here. The point I’m making (that “would not change”) is just that posts like this one will still happen, regardless

That’s because player experience with luck is absolutely irrelevant to how luck actually works. If I picked the 25 people whom I know regularly datamine the client files and all have a tacit understanding of what they mean based off of what the devs have told us, and what we’re able to discern from the additional evidence we have access to, I would get 25 very similar answers that vary only slightly from the consensus because there is very little left that we don’t fully know.

Our knowledge gleaned from the client files has helped us discover the following issues that the dev’s subsequently fixed:

  1. Allow combat trophies to drop from Surgeon, Baines, and Mordici (Reported here: Ancient Mandible or Glowing Sap - #5 by Ts1171)
  2. Allow many mistagged named mobs to drop their mob specific loot (Reported here: Data Bugs: Named mobs missing Named Loot Tag)
  3. Prove that fishing trophies do not work, and that they should (as shown earlier in this thread)
  4. Show why common regeneration potions were dropping as rewards in higher level areas: Data Bugs: Common Regeneration Potions too Common

I could go on, but the point Im making is that understanding the data in the client files is the first step to understanding how the game actually works.

If you’re actually a dev (which, I too have been for more than 30 years), then I welcome you to peruse the same information we’re all relying on and using to know what we know with the confidence that we know it. The data all exists in the client files. It gets extracted, and put on github (though the extraction tools are there too so you can do it yourself).

Go ahead and have a look at

Start in LootTables/LootTables.json. Start with CreatureLootMaster → where all mobs, including pit lord Daehi, begin their journey to delivering loot. Then you can look at the LootBuckets, and finally the Vitals files, and the whole picture, will, eventually with enough study and understanding, start to coalesce around a much better idea of whats going on.

I absolutely have metric ton of basis for how and why these are the absolute best we know, and that they perfectly mirror our in game experience. Most of what we know about luck is derived from what we know about fishing, and fishing luck.

We arent having a debate about something subjective. This is basic math, there is correct, and incorrect answers. There isnt much in-between, or much that is subject to interpretation.

You can either join those of us who are familiar with how it all works, and learn, or obstinately retain attachment to wild guesses out of egoism.


Some people really doing too much on this post, TL;DR major loot luck trophy is a scam. Sold all 3 today and noticed a disgusting difference. Never again until the system is overhauled or removed.

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You wouldn’t be able to notice any difference in just one day…

I don’t have one, as I said before I think they’re a scam. The price is too high for the additional 50 per trophy over basic.

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Yes, I understand that you have access to data. What I also understand is that unless you somehow have access to the full source, you have zero visibility of the implementation of that data.

The data can say anything it likes, however if there’s an error somewhere in the algorithms that implement that data then it’s irrelevant, and you simply cannot say that there is no error without full access to source.

But what I’ve said already several times is that at this point, whether or not the systems are working as intended doesn’t matter. There has to be confidence within the community that it’s working correctly, and the literally hundreds of posts about loot luck show clearly there is not. THAT is what needs to be addressed.

That’s patently false. We have access to the loot tables, and everything that it implies, and we have direct access to the implementation of that information, in the form of the live game where we can verify and validate our assumptions. Our assumptions have proven to be not only true, but exact.

Do you want to catch Oysters? Your absolute best chance is 22500 luck points worth of gear. If you use too much fishing luck, you will not get oysters, instead you will get treasure chests. In fact, we know that the odds with that amount of luck, at a 3 star fishing spot, will be 64.4% Rare Blue fish, 32.4% Treasure Chests, and 3.2% legendary fish. Go hit however many hotspots you feel like hitting with that much luck on (2 major trophies and an ironwood pole with no luck perks), and watch as you magically converge on the numbers we already know.

Now, guess what happens when you put on all the luck thats available in game for fishing?
You will 100% eliminate blue rare fish from your catch. You will get 59% treasure chests, and 41% legendaries. So what does this have to do with Pit Lord? The fishing loot tables are structured exactly the same way as the standard loot tables. Occams Razor says they are probably implemented in the exact same way, theres no good reason to think that two completely different systems share the exact same data structures and yet, have differnent implementations.

When they launched to rabbit chest event, their marketing material said that the lucky rabbits feet consumables would help to acquire the chest.

Now, knowing what we know about luck, that should have meant that people, wearing their luck gear, should have had a better shot at getting a chest. Turns out that wasnt true. Turns out that, statistically, many folks wearing luck gear were still getting upwards of 3000 rabbit kills to get their chest. If their luck gear was helping them the amount that it was supposed to, then multitudes of people were hitting trillion to one impossiblities.

We brought that same thing up with the devs, and they ‘fixed’ their marketing material so that it no longer said that luck will help get the chest.

Now, I agree with the sentiment of this in theory, but the community is feeble and poor at being able to tell the difference between situations where luck is obviously broken (like the rabbit chest, or the fishing trophies) and situations where they are just having a string of bad luck. This thread is potently illustrative of that fact.


So after telling everyone that their interpretations based on their own in-game experiences are invalid because of insufficient data points, or something, you’re now telling me you’re basing your own monumentally arrogant viewpoint all comes down to some extracted data and your own in game experiences?

I have to say this made me laugh out loud.

The only conclusion I can draw is that you’re either the most unjustifiably arrogant person I’ve come across in a long time, or you’re a dev lurking in disguise.

Assuming that’s not the case, I’ll say it all again for you. Unless you have access to actual code, then the conclusions you’ve drawn from your extracted data and in game experiences are no more or less valid than anyone else’s.

When did you do all this in game testing? What types/sources of loot? What areas? How do you know the loot you collected in the areas you collected them is working in the same way as that in other areas from other sources? How do you know things haven’t changed?

Here’s a small example of how things can break. I’m sure you’ll dismiss it, but here it is anyway.

I just did the same run mentioned several times above. Same amount of luck. I killed the same boss 12 times, as well as multiple other mods in the area. Maybe 30 kills in total. Usually, I’ll get bags from 70% to 80% of those kills. I did not receive a single bag. Not once.

This happens sometimes, not often, but occasionally. It happens to everyone else I know sometimes. I have to log out, and back in again, then suddenly the loot drops will return. Dying and respawning also works.

Circumstantial, yes. Worthy of dismissal? Definitely not.

Have you considered that their data was larger and much better than yours?

Also, stop acting like this involves some complex algorithm. Let me guess, you want them to print out the code so you can analyze it?

Have you never taken a statistics course? Do you not know why sample size matters?

At this point, I’m going to dismiss everything you say unless you recorded a video of it.

Yes, because they’re gathering data blindly, with no idea how anything works, grasping at straws because they’ve got nothing to base their assumptions on. Just like the hokey nonsense you’ve put up here as evidence.

See, this is impossible to have a discussion with someone who is unaware of their own ignorance, and sees any effort to educate them as arrogance. If you want me to point you to the exact spot in the Dev FAQ, or the exact timestamp of where the dev’s clearly, and unequivocally state that “bag drops are not affected by luck”, I can do that.

But nonwithstanding that fact that you didnt mention how many other people were in the POI even if they werent farming Daehi. Thats important, and it affects your bag drop chances. That formula isnt one we know, as its not in the datamine at all, but we do know that if 20 people all do 5% damage to a boss, not everybody gets a drop on a boss with a guaranteed drop. So, there are group size factors at play. But bag drops arent affected by luck.

Now, we can go back to the beginning here and point out that you could not have possibly picked a worse test subject to try and experiment with. Pit Lord is unique in all of aeturnum. There is no other mob in the entire game that has the trifecta of all three mob tags. - Common, Named, Elite. What that means in practice is he’s rolling all three loot trees. So when you get multiple infused health potions, or multiple craft mods, it’s because he essentially drops triple loot.

So, we’ve validated and verified that everything we know to be true is actually true, got exact numbers as a result, and our theory and reality match perfectly, because it aligns with what the data files in the game tell us too, and yet, somebody elses ignorant, ill informed hunches based off of literally guesses, have an equal chance of being right. Okay. Sure.

I’ve done everything I can to try and inform and educate you and give you access to all the same information we use. Apparently that’s beyond your capabilities to ingest and I can only assume that understanding json is beyond your skillset, so at this point theres really no purpose in trying to convince you further.


Wow, it must be really tough for you being the only smart person around when everyone else is so stupid.

I never said they were, at any point. I was using that as an example that things don’t always work like they are supposed to. A fact which you continually and willfully ignored.

Zero. Only myself.

What you’ve done yet again is ignored every point I’ve tried to make to you, further displayed your breathtaking arrogance and rudeness, and generally made an ass of yourself. Much appreciated, thank you.

I have thought about this many times when i see ppl buying trophys before good luck gear, i guess they unfortunatly dont know how bad designed this is…

i have another bug like: with full gears(armors, bags, weapons) + pearl + 3 major luck + no pvp => have better loots than with the same gears + food luck only drop potions.

Way 2much replies to go through them all, but I’ll state my experience!
I was running full luck set, and I can say I was getting pretty good drops.
For example an expedition run was dropping me at least 1-2 legendary drops if not more per run.

Then a week ago I got all 3 trophies + luck food and kept running with luck set, since then I noticed my drops are total garbage, I get surprised when I get purple drop :joy: Don’t remember last time I saw legendary if we exclude void essence :sweat_smile:
So yeah I’ll give it a try for few more days, if it continue to drop all blue and green, I’m throwing out trophies out of my houses. Something is very off with luck in this game :smiley:

Let us know when you’re done being ignorant and want to know how luck works. Other than that there’s nothing else that needs to be said.

Cya :hugs:

You’re attacking the guy that actually spent a reasonable amount of time gathering tangible data (flawed or not), presenting it and asking questions about it. Where is the evidence you spent time gathering?