[Bug] Major luck trophy

Luck is not a factor in rarity of an item:

Therefore this sheet that has more Epic or “Purples” means nothing.

Again, even if you believe this is somehow not the case your sample size is far too small.

Yes, we’re all well aware of your opinion also. Thank you.

So you’re going to continue to ignore it and believe that something is not working correctly?

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Ignore what? It’s your viewpoint, which is fine, but you’ve contributed nothing other than “that’s not how it works” and dismissal of everyone else’s viewpoints and experiences.

Half of my posts are just linking statements from the developers that contradict what you’re saying. “30 years of programming experience” doesn’t mean anything. Also, I and others have clearly stated how it works but you and @Caveman_raven continue to be willfully ignorant.

i started playing in july of 2020. i have never looted an armor or luck trophy mat. true story.

I have never looted a legendary trophy mat. First day of my friend doing chest runs and he gets one. Does that mean I’m in a “dead zone” for luck? No. Does that mean there’s some hidden new character luck? Again, NO!

you gotta admit it is possible that the code is written poorly and does not reflect what the narrative we receive is.

i work with programmers who tell me things every week that are objectively and provably wrong.

your position has been to reiterate the ags narrative. that narrative is what is being disputed. you haven’t provided any actual evidence to support that it actually functions as understood and intended.

you aren’t wrong to play devil’s advocate. but you have not objectively won this debate either.

If there isn’t any connection between luck and the rarity of a non-named item then one won’t magically be formed. So if you are using that to prove that luck is broken then you’re wrong.

This isn’t a debate. We’re trying to inform them about what we know to be correct and I’m fine with them believing that it’s not. But I’m not fine with them telling other people especially when their “proofs” do not meet any sort of standard.

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Your toxicity is not needed. At this point you’re just trolling I think. You’re contributing nothing.

Apart from insulting everyone, all you’ve said over and over again is “that’s not how it works”, but refused to accept any possibility that it might not be working as intended.

Again, thanks for your opinion.

Did you read everything that I said or linked? How is anything I posted even remotely considered trolling? You just don’t want to admit you’re wrong. You clearly know nothing about statistics either.

What do you want me to contribute? Ask me anything about luck and I’d help you. But at this point why should I? You refused to believe anything I or others say.

You’re not welcome and your opinions are most certainly not appreciated.

Thank you for making my point for me.

What point? Right now you don’t have any points.

They should show the luck stats ingame on your Character.

At this moment the information is lacking and bad communication from devs and it only leads to confusion. This is opposite of smart.


Although I would find it more convenient to have the number summed up for me, that would not change anything. People would still think that the number they are showing is wrong/bugged when they are just being unlucky.

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Ok. :thinking:

Anyway this whole discussion is pointless.
AGS have already their roadmap of what they want to do and change.

Look at the forums feedback. Mods only reply to post they are already planning on doing. Or if a post get 200+ they would just reply with “We will carefully monitor this” and then do nothing.

Luck on items show in percentage% and food items, trophies show in +number. It cant be more confusing and there is no sum or information ingame.

Should every player ingame need to google about it? And still no answers on the forums.

Also PvP toggle, does it give gathering luck? Information doesnt show ingame. How should a player know? And people complain about players are not toggling PvP. If players knew I think more would toggle PvP.

So many things thats need to be fixed/implemented.

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Yeah, I’m mostly agreeing with you here. The point I’m making (that “would not change”) is just that posts like this one will still happen, regardless

That’s because player experience with luck is absolutely irrelevant to how luck actually works. If I picked the 25 people whom I know regularly datamine the client files and all have a tacit understanding of what they mean based off of what the devs have told us, and what we’re able to discern from the additional evidence we have access to, I would get 25 very similar answers that vary only slightly from the consensus because there is very little left that we don’t fully know.

Our knowledge gleaned from the client files has helped us discover the following issues that the dev’s subsequently fixed:

  1. Allow combat trophies to drop from Surgeon, Baines, and Mordici (Reported here: Ancient Mandible or Glowing Sap - #5 by Ts1171)
  2. Allow many mistagged named mobs to drop their mob specific loot (Reported here: Data Bugs: Named mobs missing Named Loot Tag)
  3. Prove that fishing trophies do not work, and that they should (as shown earlier in this thread)
  4. Show why common regeneration potions were dropping as rewards in higher level areas: Data Bugs: Common Regeneration Potions too Common

I could go on, but the point Im making is that understanding the data in the client files is the first step to understanding how the game actually works.

If you’re actually a dev (which, I too have been for more than 30 years), then I welcome you to peruse the same information we’re all relying on and using to know what we know with the confidence that we know it. The data all exists in the client files. It gets extracted, and put on github (though the extraction tools are there too so you can do it yourself).

Go ahead and have a look at

Start in LootTables/LootTables.json. Start with CreatureLootMaster → where all mobs, including pit lord Daehi, begin their journey to delivering loot. Then you can look at the LootBuckets, and finally the Vitals files, and the whole picture, will, eventually with enough study and understanding, start to coalesce around a much better idea of whats going on.

I absolutely have metric ton of basis for how and why these are the absolute best we know, and that they perfectly mirror our in game experience. Most of what we know about luck is derived from what we know about fishing, and fishing luck.

We arent having a debate about something subjective. This is basic math, there is correct, and incorrect answers. There isnt much in-between, or much that is subject to interpretation.

You can either join those of us who are familiar with how it all works, and learn, or obstinately retain attachment to wild guesses out of egoism.


Some people really doing too much on this post, TL;DR major loot luck trophy is a scam. Sold all 3 today and noticed a disgusting difference. Never again until the system is overhauled or removed.

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You wouldn’t be able to notice any difference in just one day…