[BUG] Morrow Server Mobs Not Spawning/ Malevolence Boss

  • What is your character name in New World: AnonymousOne
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: NA East Morrow Server
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: At around Tuesday night at aprox 9-930 PM EST, our server had a massive zerg doing a chest run. While killing a portal in Myrkgard, they crashed they zone. People were put into a 150 person queue, and after re-entering the wolrd, none of the mobs spawn in that area of Myrkgard. Additionally a couple of the portals (including the one they were doing when the server crashed) can not be closed. Both of the Priests in Myrkgard, do not spawn.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Unable to farm mobs in Myrkgard since they wont spawn.

I have seen on this forum that similar things have happened on other servers and I believe your team has simply restarted them.

On a related note, I must say that it is extremely frustrating that the Boss for the Legendary Hammer Quest at the top of Malevolence is still bugged. This has been the case since CBT in August and severely impacts a couple aspects of the game. The fact that you need to be at the top of Malevolence when a server restart occurs simply to have a CHANCE at getting to kill it to complete the Legendary Hammer Quest is extremely disappointing. Furthermore, that boss drops things like, weaponsmithing pants, which you can only get from there. Without them, you are severly gimping your chances of crafting high tier weapons. Please, for the sake of all Hammer lovers and weaponsmiths out here, fix this bug.

On a potentially related note, last night we queued the upgrade for woodsworking station T5 in Windsward. For the first time since the last patch, it bugged and did not upgrade. It is stuck at T4. I am unsure if this is related to the server issues cased by the chest run zerg, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Bump, we need a reset before the weekend or a large part of the end game content is just missing.

@Snaccident morrow needs one too it’s been like this 2 days.

Thanks @Valnas - I’ve asked someone to take a look.


The malevolence boss hasn’t been spawning for a very long time. Been 60 for over 4 weeks. Literally just skipped that quest because it’s not possible to complete. Boss spawn needs to be fixed, its been like stuck in this broken state.

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Server Fomax

The Ai enemy don t spawn in myrkgard…

is the dev team going to fix bosses not spawning in malevolence? its been since the game came out and its till not fixed. its gating weaponsmithing and the living crystal questline for the existence of the game so far.

Would you mind looking into my issue regarding lost items due to the auction house?! Or do you just not give a fuck about the single-player issues?

Thank you for having them look into this. Its day two of no mobs spawning in half of Myrkgard :frowning:

Any news on if they will be fixing the Malevolence Boss Spawn soon?

Thanks again for the reply.

Things also seem to be compounding since the initial issue, there are now multiple war declarations that have bugged out. “The Corrupted” has declared war on First Light when a Syndicate faction threw it into conflict and declared. Ebonscale also seems to be un-declareable after an invasion JUST happened. There are massive parts of the world/terrain that you just fall through. Damage inputs are delayed. Things are looking rough.

Send elp

Can we also get an announcement on malevolance boss? Please?

Oh, my server also missing some creatures here and there too, Gaunes, already opened a post but won’t hurt to tell again.

Same here on server Tanje

Can we get an update for Malevolence Boss not spawning for the 580 hammer quest?

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