Bug or Some Kind of Exploit?

Name: Zantheus
Server/World: Castle of Steel

Issue (bug or exploit?)

At the top of Ebonscale, where the boss is, there are six Orichalcum nodes, three on each side of the platform, outside of the fence. Lately, I have seen the same exact players laying down and it looks like they are asleep on top of where the node spawns, but they are not logged out and their bodies are there. The bug is that I watched through two cycles of spawns, and the orichalcum nodes they are laying on are not respawning for some reason.

Is this some kind of exploit where they can monopolize the node somehow? Or is it a bug – shouldn’t the nodes be respawning?

The orichalcum ores were spawning as usual on the other side – the account laying down there did not seem to impede the spawn - just the other side.

I’d suggest adding the exact location with a screenshot. Probably get a better response (or any) with that.

Ori nodes are already an issue without stuff like this happening.

Hey ZTempest, as the other user mentioned, is it possible to get a screenshot of this so I can get some clarification for you?

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