[BUG] Players Banned Unfairly

I am a frustrated customer and I feel helpless by the injustice of the New World banning system and its appeal team. I do not want this post taken the wrong way or ignored or given a copy and paste response. I am here to highlight that there is a serious problem somewhere in the cheating bans.

My friend dlwlrma from Delos was permanently banned on 16/11/2021 for cheating, as did many other players who are crafters/ own many materials. Since then, my friend has made an appeal on 16/11/21, which was rejected as it violated Section 1 of the CoC, ‘Treat others the way they wanted to be treated.’. So what exactly was the reason my friend got banned? Was it because of cheating or because of disruptive behavior? With an unsatisfactory response to this appeal which did not address why my friend got banned nor even KNOW WHY he got banned, he filed another appeal on 17/11/21, and a response has not yet been given.

I feel that his response in the ban appeal has addressed all points in the CoC which were brought up, however his appeal has never been reviewed and was brushed off with a copy and paste. We have put 1000+ hours into this game combined and we would greatly appreciate it if a moderator could spend 10-15 minutes to review his case and give him a fair judgement.

Im sure he exploited at some point of the game. This could be as far back as the hatchet exploit, or any of the other exploits getting used. Your friend might say, but hey i didnt dupe anything, which might be true. But if he has exploited a bug in ANY way during the time NW has been out, he could have been banned for that. Every cheater keeps saying omfg i didnt cheat or dupe, but yet whenever i do OPR, Wars or Invasions i see litterally 50%+ of players using exploits. Im sure your friend isn’t as clean as he state he is.

We’re talking about a man who is too scared of using Overwolf as he fears getting banned. My testimony may not mean much but as someone who knows him IRL for a long time, I know that he was never lying and hence he didn’t get banned for hatchet exploits, duping or gold buying/selling. He was in the ban wave for duped items as the date suggests, and I feel the only suspicious thing would be the amount of asmodeum we have, which is around 300. This amount was created by me buying asmodeum CDs and giving them to him when I wasn’t playing, which may have been suspicious as it was a heavily one sided trade.


In this case if he already received an answer for the first appeal, but he is completely sure about that he didn’t did anything wrong, he need to wait for the answer of the second appeal. We in the forums cannot take actions on in game penalties.

Now this may be the case, but I can 100% vouch there are hatchet exploiters in OPR that were not permanently banned. They’re still on and playing completely fine…

In regards to dlwlrma, he was a crafter and spent lots of his time collecting chests, killing mobs, primarily PVE content. And before you say, No, he did not do any mob spawn exploit… so with his ban reason as “disruptive behaviour” - it makes no sense. The timing of the ban would suggest as the trophy dupe ban wave, so I think there’s a mistake there

I can understand if the “algorithm” makes him look like a duper/exploiter because of the large amount of gold and high value item (major trophies), but this is because we pool together and work together as friends/company. This is a FALSE POSITIVE and should be fixed. It seems lots of others are also in the same situation if you look at the forums.

there are lots of other players who are in similar situations that own Windward/Everfall, etc. and “appear” to be exploiters/duper because of the large volume of gold/items since they are the main bank/crafters. This needs more visibility to be FIXED.

Similar to how we keep harping about the bugs/exploits like duping/incorrect Luck calculation (negative luck), etc. PLEASE LISTEN and take this into as feedback and don’t just shrug it off… ITS TRUE!! We’ve had it happen so many times where we are shrugged off only to realise it actually DOES exist/is true.

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