[Bug]: Recipe uses wrong fish

Hello, I found a Bug/Error in the T5 Focus Recipe, “Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash”. From the name of the Recipe you could think that the required legendary fish for the Recipe is the “Mandje Mandje”. Instead, the Recipe calls for a “Lava Barb”, whose item description not even mentions that it can be used in Recipes. Bug encountered on Nav, character “Ignorus”.


i had the same problem

Same, I was so ready to make it too :frowning:

I see this still has no additional comments, even though there are many posts about this, and this is the first post about it. And from 18 days ago, can someone please quickly review and make a choice about this?

If its meant to be lava barb in the recipe that is fine, but could it be renamed? If its just meant to be the in game fish “mandje mandje” can the recipe be corrected to use the appropriate fish? Seems extremely simple fix.

Any acknowledgement would be great from devs/team.

Is there any kind of update that we can see on this? Not sure I have seen this come up on any “known” issues lists and would like to see this fixed.

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