[Bug Report] Can not exit the house after teleporting into it

Character Name: CD Crafter

Issue that occurred: The character can not exit the house after teleporting into it. When we trying to leave a house by pressing the “Exit” button, we just being teleported back into the house immediately.

Time and Date: 4:22 EST, June 16th, 2022

World/Server: Orofena

Location where issue occurred: WIndsward

Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Teleporting into any house you own, and try exit the house from the entrance, you will find yourself unable to leave the house.

Hi there, newworldtony001. What tier of house do you have?

Hi Centeotl, my houses are T4 houses in Windsward, Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach.

Thank you! I’ll give the development team this information.

The bug still exist in the game, teleporting to the houses are useless now because we can not exit the house. We also can not place or move furniture in the houses.

These bugs have extremally bad impacts on player’s game experience, please fix them as soon as possible.

The development team is currently aware of this issue and is looking into it. Unfortunately I do not have any additional information to provide.


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