BUG REPORT | Exploit Bug & Glitching duplication Mob for loot xp and weapon skill


Was Walking to do my Quest and fall and a green crew where glitching the area
they told me was happen since 1 week
And here before they come

But when they leave all bein normal

I found how they glitch
On the quest if you can trigger the spawn Elit mob just chain clicking and you duplicate the Mob
They take loot, xp and Skill Weapong

Have drop Epic and rare first try


Glitch Loot Xp Skill Weap

Ban this CHEATER please

Can you please fixe the quest i cant finish alone this one with the duplicate mob (i solo the elit 58 np)

Place : ReekWaterw
Quest : Path Unseen Phase 2
Reproduce : 100%

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There are many places in reekwater which have bugged mobs, far right down at the ancient place there are mobs which are constantly respawning with HUNDREDS as numbers and if you go with a group of 5 ppl you can easily exploit that place also, there are WAY too many glitches at this points its beyond absurd for a game that costs 50 dollars !!!

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