Bug Report: Great Axe - Blood Lust

Character Name: SneezeJunky
Server Name: Muspelheim
Bug & Exploit potential: There is a bug with the “Blood Lust” talent on the Great Axe weapon, causing you to keep the 30% movement speed and 15% dmg after defeating an enemy or sometimes just by looking at them shortly.

An older post about this issue: Great Axe - Bloodlust Bug

This is the first time I’ve encountered this bug, but it is happening quite often after the 1.0.4 patch

I also came here to report this issue. Once “Blood Lust” activates, it doesn’t go away unless I switch weapons, so I can technically run 30% faster as long as I want to.

Same issue for me. Replicable at any time, does not stick every time you trigger bloodlust, but after only a few different mobs targeted (thus triggering Bloodlust) the buff turns constant.
The buff stays even if you sheathe your weapon, gather resources, open chests, etc.
Turning it off requires weapon swapping, which I will not do until the excessive durability loss from weapon swapping has been fixed.
I’d like a clear answer to whether or not this will be considered an exploit. If so, I’ll be offline until the bug(s) regarding Bloodlust and/or durability loss (especially for hatchet) has been resolved to avoid risking a suspension or ban.

They’re not going to suspend/ban you for a mistake they made during the update. If so, they would have to ban most of their player base. That would make no sense.

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