BUG: Storage - Limited to 500 items

I am getting this

The problem is, that the game wont allow more than 500 different items in the Storage, same with the inventory when i try to move the items to the inventory.

Yep I counted them out, once you reach 500 items, you will get that error :frowning:

I think that might be more of a poorly- or un-documented feature.

Hmm, then they should not write it like this:
“The item cannot be transferred because of max space of weight restrictions”

But more like:
“The item cannot be transferred, the Storage cannot hold more than 500 different items at once”

And if there is weight problems, then another message.

And ah well, guess i now have to manage even more :frowning:

Oh, I agree. There could definitely be some better wording added in somewhere. It’s also possible I’m completely wrong! I’d love for someone to provide an explicit clarification or fix!

Hello @DudeSicko !

Thank you for your feedback about this message wording, I’ll pass it along.

You can also forward feedback in New World by:

  1. Log into New World and load in.
  2. Press Esc, click Game Menu, and then click Submit Feedback.
  3. Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then click Submit.

@BreakRepairRepeat I’ll need to check on the absolute item limit, but I’ve seen similar cases of player reaching it, For example, not being able to add a new different item to the storage while being able to add more o another existing item.

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I was just finding this in older posts. Still wondering about actual documentation. Also certainly hope there can be an increase in the future. Lots of solid arguments are being made regarding storage on the forums. Thank you very much for your response!

Yea happens to me all the time

@Zweihander Thx for your reply.

Yeah i know that feature, but you just cannot put in a line break, it is all in one go, pressing Enter does nothing, not even a SHIFT + Enter, which can be used in many other applications, so that it is not sending, but making a line break, take for Instance Discord, pressing enter it will send, pressing SHIFT + Enter you get a line break.

And now that im at it, the Submit Feedback, there should be a “Take screenshot” function in it, some times word does not describe things enough. So having a feature where you can take a screenshot with your Feedback would help a lot. (i will submit that in the feedback :))

@BreakRepairRepeat I just dis a search also, and yeah other reported a 500 items limit.

There is a limit of 500 unique items you can have in a storage …how do you not know this as a CM ,

There are now a counter in game, showing that you got xxx/500

Note the RED Storage is full, well it also displays that even if it is not.

I don’t see this at all in my client, just weight.


Hello @DudeSicko,

Thank you for your post and for bringing this to our attention.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused regarding this.

Yes there is now a limit for unique items in storage. If the unique item limit has not reached and you are still seeing the storage full message then please be rest assured that our team is aware of an issue and are working on providing a fix as soon as possible.

You can find more information and any further updates about this issue here: Storage and Crafting Issues

I hope this information helps.

Wish you nothing but the best.

Have a good day!

Or you just remove this limitation as it does seem to cause problems.

@Twyst Ditto. I’ve literally NEVER seen the actual/max indicator for unique items. That’s my reason for coming to the forums to see if it was real. All my shed has ever shown is the weight. Oh, I’ve seen it say it’s full when under-weight, but it didn’t say why.

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