[BUG] Stucked in my house - Fixed

I teleported while being grouped, at the same time as a member of my group who owns the same house as me in Windsward.

I am currently stuck in my house.
Unable to use a transfer to another capital/house/inn.
Can’t exit or use my own chests or edit my house while I’m stuck in it.

Is it an instance bug between the two characters in the group?

Is it possible to get me out of here?

FIXED : disconnect, repair.

Same happened to me a few weeks ago. I resolved it by logging out, restarting my pc and logging back in. Although, at the time there wasn’t a massive queue to get back in, like there is now :frowning:

Fixe: i repaired / verified Game files via steam.

yeah just log out for a few minutes

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