BUG - Unable to Change Faction Armor stats

*** Character Name** ReveVersant

  • Issue that occurred If you have changed faction armor stats from the original, you cannot change it again.
  • Time and Date Current
  • World/Server Lemuria
  • Location where issue occurred Blacksmith/Outfitting Stations
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue
  1. Purchase Faction Armor
  2. Change using a Seal to Occultist
  3. Attempt to change using a Barbarian Seal
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This has been an issue since live launch. In the closed beta you could continue to change the stats using different stat seals while losing whatever gem was socketed. I had assumed this was a change made after closed beta. So since live launch were you able to do this before today?

Hadnt tried before, but I only noticed recently, and its not on the tracked bugs megathread.

I’ve rolled stats on items more than once, on live launch. I noticed this potential bug yesterday when my armor simply didn’t show up anymore.

confirm this, is this a bug or sth?

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