Bug with luck (too high drop chance)

Hey everyone!

Something goes wrong with luck while flagged in pvp. It looks too high for now. Dear Devs, can you check it? I test it on mining and logging.

Anyone find the same strange moment with luck?

Of course it is good, coz we a high drop chance, but it is not about the MMO.

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Yes in a couple of hours I’ve farmed 50 of each legendary material and in 10 orichalcum nodes I have gotten 20 tolvium and 1 void ore. Drop chances are defently too high at the moment.

Farmed 6 void ore. in 3 hrs

Void ore prices are dropping fast. Its nuts.

thy nerfed elite chest drops… if you are not flagged, you get like 1-2 items and sometimes no item drop but useless gems - even with your full luck set… How we suppose to reach 600 gear score high water mark now? our server has high poulation, thy farm elite mobs non stop and game is non-sense lags non-stop with high latency in open world and fortress sieges and thy expect us to do pvp in high latency and lags situations…


Thats gonna be normal now. Everything for free for everyone on TP.

I used to defend AGS till now… I cannot even imagine tps prices for week or two.

Ive been played in mmo for almost 10 years, and i swear, i didnt saw more stupid patch ever


Don’t forget that drops were already broken and fixed with this patch… so drops are expected to be higher

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If this is true, it’s bad, reeeeeeeeeally bad.

UO in '97. Alpha/Beta testing dozens of mmos, incluidng NW alpha, and this development right here by AGS is * SPECIAL *.

Sure, but if I can farm one weeks worth of cooldowns in a couple of hours I would say that it’s turnt up a little to much.

I’ve collected ~4,000 orichalcum ore over the past 2 hours with luck gear + 2000 food + trophies + PvP on, i’ve received 0 void ore, 22 Tolvium, 32 Cinnabar

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And how much without

OMG thank god that sounds reasonable.

Very special, I’d say, and unfortunately I don’t mean anything good either

Honestly, until today I had the hope that I was robbed of

Dude its 30% with pvp thats ofcourse normal. Go check other things like mykgard. They really huge fucked up game. All of us got nerf and mobs got huge buff you cant farm anymore mykgard!. and also elite chest drop also they fucked up :smiley:

Have to say, I did a chest run in SM and didn’t receive 1 piece of armor. Drops have definitely been adjusted.

I was flagged, and in a full set of luck armor and 2 pieces of luck jewelry.

I don’t understand PvE content is trivial and boring …

I’ve been trying to get sliver/chuck of adderstone for a week with no luck, today I’ve gotten 3 slivers, 2 chucks just sayin. Devs i think you went to high, 15% should be enough

they were mentioning that the drop rate for lot of things was bugged and too small so I guess they repaired it

While the resource node droppings have definitly risen, the drops from big chests feels to be now broken since the only change for me was the nerfed ring and I get so much less out of them.

Doing the same root like before the patch of non elite chests only give a single blue equipment, one furnishing, one low level furnishing schematic and the rest green/grey equipment crap. Before each round gave at least one purple equipment, 4 schematics (many high level) and minimum 5 furnishings.