Bug World Boss: Dryad Beast, Malevolence

Hi it is the same for Ramaja, Boss is not spawning at all. Please fix want to finish wapon quest

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Does anyone know if this is fixed on PTR?

Nice to see a month later that this still isnt fixed on live or ptr. Again, another frustrating thing that can be fixed quickly, that the devs are ignoring.

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the fact that this is still broken and causing yet another bottleneck is so extremely frustrating “Let alone over a month later” that i’m at a loss for words… i’m really trying to love this game but experiencing stuff like this that literally prevent you from completing already hard work makes me want to chuck my PC out a window altogether.


I couldnt agree more, it’s like almost shocking at this point how dumb these devs are.



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How is this boss bug still not fixed a month later??

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Not sure if you guys have read the new patch notes but looks like they are fixing a bunch of bugs but they never mentioned that this issue is getting fixed with the upcoming patch, so I guess we’ll have another patch without a fix for this issue. R.I.P.

they just was too busy

    • Fixed an issue where Elk could get stuck in doorways or inside buildings.*
      that a way more important
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Apparently, they listened to us on the last second of overtime. Check this out:

HUGE LAST SECOND extra patch notes, ARCANA fix, ANIMAL EYE fix, MALEVOLENCE fix, and MORE - YouTube

I hope this means he’s getting fixed.

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Question is wether they fixed his respawn or just added the drop…. Lol


I really hope they fixed the respawn, just want to craft 600 gs weapons :frowning:

You nailed it. It’s absolutely hot garbage and amateur hour if they don’t address boss spawns.

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anyone get it yet

i got it on dead server, he spawns after every server maintaince, so when servers comes up go kill him and be fast because alot of people are waiting there, also keep him inside the circle otherwise he will disappear and yes i waitied 2 months to get this done. finally i got the hammer but im not using it because its too late now im using better one :slight_smile:

2 mages? they were nerfed, and not meant to be played anymore. AGS coded the boss to run away form them.

try taking some g/a and hammers next time. he will stay for you to kill.

I got it. The issue is already fixed within this past patch.

Bro I have killed it like 100 times :frowning: how many people did you have and how much luck?

You are talking about the 580 Warhammer quest, right?

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