[BUG/EXPLOIT] Bloodlust Bug + Hatchet - Still working(Even worse)

Bloodlust still is bugged, just need different methods of triggering it to make it permanent, and this time it’s even worse, seems like its double rather than 30%.

Been testing a couple of things to see how fail-proof it is and sadly ended up coming up with a solution with a friend how to actually bug it still, with worse effects.

Won’t post ways to reproduce this as we dont want people to abuse it, and as far as we’ve seen in our server people say its fixed so no one seems to have figured it out yet (in our server at least)

Dm me or whatever (mod) so i can explain

The hatchet bug also works too, still uncapping damage, just different ways to reproduce it (same way as bloodlust now)


How on earth do you expect the developers to fix this if you don’t post the steps to reproduce it? The developers have said over and over that this is the proper place to post these kinds of things. I’ve seen several screenshots of devs/CMs directing people to post here after contacting them directly.

The best thing to do is post it here and remove it once a CM/Dev responds that they’re taking a look at it.


I think a dev or mod can figure out how to direct message, it isnt hard


Nope no thanks I wont take that chance, this is actually even more broken than it was, it seems like it’s a 60% movement speed rather than 30, and the hatchet bug is even worse damage goes up way more, we are still doing more testing, I’m not posting the steps to reproduce


I think what he is doing here is a favour for the community… do you understand how stupid it is the post on a public forum how to reproduce an exploit.

Him explaining directly is the most respectable thing.

POV: when I read your comment I was thinking straight away, this guy is really desperate to find out how to exploit this bug.

That was my POV, I could be wrong but… posting an explanation here in public is where the real danger starts.


They can figure out how to do that, but that’s not the process they have laid out for these reports. They specifically ask for steps to reproduce in the post and direct people who have DM’ed them to post the steps here.

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Please reach out to me with reproduction instructions/steps, thank you!