Bugged Ebonscale Schematics?

same thing happened with my friend’s dynasty storage chest schematic which he pass to me because I’m at 200 furnish, we both got disappointed, was gonna make some dynasty chest for him because he got me the schematic, at this point i just send tickets and hopefully that recipe magically show up on my recipe list / get refunded of the schematic and this time it actually learned when i salvage it

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In the new update they said they fixed the salvaging of furniture housing items. I guess this mean they didn’t fixed the salvaging of furniture RECIPES. I wish I recognized this before I salvaged something teak and it didn’t learn. I guess I will keep storing these items until this is fixed.

Havent touched furnishing since they disabled it and sold all my trophy upgrades, its not worth the time in its current state. So many things broken on a fundamental level and they dont fix them or they “speculative fix” them and then disable them once another dupe is found. Im 200 or basically 200 in every profession except weapon smithing and furnishing and really dont do anything with them as 3 house are just a gold sink and the trophies are either disabled or not working.

Its such a shit design decision and needlessly complicated to endgame craft after having already leveled the crafting to max level. Then you have to store or haul around the professions set of gear which takes up valuable storage space or you have to repair everytime you need them if you carry them. Then you have to have the food and or town buff. That doesnt even factor in the storing of the mats needed for a batch of crafting. Like fuck that, ill play 2 OPR before i get tired of combat mechanics just not working and log off.

Everything in this game is trying to make you not play and resembles a mobile rpg that inconveniences you into spending money…

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I find myself losing interest. I am finally getting (close) to full voidbent + syndicate pvp gear, and crafting is avg 170ish in all categories, but then I think: what’s the point. Furniture is a great distraction and it has nice bonuses w/ trophies/chests, but now that it has been broke for so long, and with losing items (schematics and other stuff beyond harvesting gear), that is so amazingly demoralizing.

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I posted something similar in the bug section earlier. Prior to this update i was screwed on multiple expensive schematics. I put in tickets and haven’t heard so much a peep from them. Today I said what the hell, they said it’s fixed, it’s go time. Nope. WHAT THE Fuuuuudge. I want all of my forking gold back

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I still have hope that AGS devs will respond to this. Deleted items causes a lot of frustration, animosity, and demoralization. That much should be obvious.

I am happy with new content, but when items that are deleted across the board due to bugs, I would hope this would be a higher priority, such as the harvester set.

I’m concerned that they are either not aware of the issue, or it is not even in their roadmap of things to fix.

Yeah, I have zero faith in any new content with so much existing content broken. It’s really in poor taste to market all of this new content when they don’t address this. It’s actually a slap in the face and gives the impression that they could care less about all of the players that are impacted


Yes, this was already reported and acknowledged on our megathreads: [Bug Megathread] Weekly Patch 1.1.1 and [Bug Megathread] November Monthly Release (1.1)


Are people who salvaged these recipes going to know them whenever this is fixed, or will they have to re-salvage?

Basically, are these lost forever or do we get credit for what we’ve already salvaged?


@Luxendra Any ETA when this may be fixed? Will players get reimbursed for lost items? Deleting earned rewards leaves a very strong negative experience, and prioritizing other features over fixing bugs that delete items and rewards, contributes to a negative experience. Since this happens across several schematics, one should have a reasonable expectation that this would be prioritized.

It’s fixed.

Ebonscale schematics are safe to salvage now Fenrir confirmed in this post.

This is fixed now. But what about being reimbursed for lost items? I lost at least two, I know I am not alone in this.

@Eenkii We are glad to hear that this is not an issue anymore.

In terms of compensation, we do not have any official information that compensation will be/ will not be provided. I will make an inquiry with the team and update you when I receive any updates concerning this.

@BRGF Similar to the harvester set, we should get schematics, or to make it simple, just gives several schematics in the Ebonscale category for all those affected.

One of the most extremely negative experiences in the game is having items deleted for the fault of bugs in the game (especially obvious bugs that should have not have been released compounded on top of continuity of continuous bugs not caught in QA process)


totally agree :+1:

Any updates? We’re still missing our lost schematics.

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Habrá alguna compensación? Ya hace días que no se informa de este tema

AGS no se ha comprometido a nada ni ha reconocido nuestra solicitud.

Estoy enojado por perder estos artículos porque AGS no calificó/probó adecuadamente su producto.

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