Bugs Causing Deletion of Items is Demoralizing

If this is not known, deleting people’s items that they have spent time or coin to get is both frustrating and demoralizing, especially when compounded with numerous bugs, a lack of tangible support, acknowledgement, and correspondence.

Since the 1.1 patch, the harvest set was removed, Ebonscale schematics cannot be learned (salvaging just deletes), and not sure how widespread this is, storage shed items deleted (or completely wiped out).

You can talk to support and get a ticket raised, or report here, but there’s a lack of correspondence after that. There’s no way to view the ticket system and follow-up on a ticket, see your tickets, know the status, or correspond if further information was required. Many of the bugs go for days/weeks without response or even acknowledgment.

Having your items deleted by bugs in the game is bad enough, but getting a lack of support/acknowledgment/followup on this, no restoration of items is really bad, it is very demoralizing.