Bugs ruined the game

Even if arena releases, at this point I have no confidence the dev team could make a competitive environment given the current state of the game. It’s just massively unenjoyable to die to bugs like Insatiable Grav Well hitting twice. Shield gives extra perks, it’s just… really? Where’s the communication? Where is the, “This is a huge priority and we will attempt to hotfix this ASAP.” No communication about it. We wait months for fixes, and they never come. Musket ADS bug still exists, now we have no zoom bug on top of it, shooter’s stance blank bug still exists…

I will be playing casually going forward, but I feel like this is the start of goodbye. Y’all need to do a better job in releasing a finished product.


Yesterday I had that no zoom thing. All these bugs on musket is so easily make me ragequit lately. Sometimes I shooting blanks sometimes I cant zoom its insane. And now some bots even running shield so we have double keen + enchanted + keenly jagged infamys.

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