Bugs still not fixed since launch:

Game Bugs

  • Compass breaking after being logged in for too long/joining groups/literally anything.
    Addressed but never fixed, why???

  • Movement bugs caused by player skills.

  • Chat broken when joining any instanced content.
    Addressed but never fixed, why???

  • Icon bug.

  • Storage refreshing every time you touch an item, this can lead to wrong items being salvaged/deleted/taken out.

  • Weapon swap desync shows wrong active weapons.

Anymore that you guys feel should be on here to create a highlight for @Developer @Community-Team

In OPR randomly systems shows that you have equiped weapon #1, but you use skill buttoms and cast spells from weapon #2. Happens every time i play OPR and im really sick of that trash bug. I need to change weapon 3 times fast in order to “fix” this crap. ¿Do even devs play their own game? I dont think so…

Forgot this one, added it.

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