Bugs with 1.3.1

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  • What is your character name in New World: the town toy
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  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: New World (gyazo.com)
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: bug
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can we also discuss the constant lag detected i get from playing this game? like why does this happen its not my net im doing fine playing stuff in the background that never disconnects but every time since mutator the game like to lag detect me in any hot moment 2 gold mutators missed by time cause Myself the healer gets randomly booted? lag detected but im in discord just fine telling my team about the fact im lag detected cause AGS hates me

@Luxendra @Kay i cant play cause the game keeps saying im lag detected how do i solve this issue since this 1.3.1 updated ive DC 7 times to lag detected?

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10 times :congratulations:


After 1.3.1 Calnogor moved from Dynasty to Genesis mutation but did not refund keys. The server is now basically locked out of meaningful progression this week as there are not enough keys now to get groups past the early mutation levels. I really hope this gets reverted back

New World (gyazo.com) still an issue

Screenshot - a7db0621c7fa222f8cd1bf82ed11acf7 - Gyazo love playing the game wish yall would let me
this has ruined my experience

@Luxendra still waiting day 3 of the game being unplayable
im truly disgusted. i paid40 dollars for a game that after 1800 hours wont let me play and no one can help

well after talking to AGS support ive been told the issue will be solved in 24-48 hours if not ill be putting up NW till the issue is resolved
disappointed to say the least

Got an email sayinng my issues been resolved we shall see

ahhh lag detected again!!! not fixxed @Luxendra

so glad amazon support is making me repeat the same steps on my computer even when we all know its the games issues no my PC ive played 1600 hours etc. im lag detecting cause of a shit update not cause of my PC

well after doing everything live support has asked ill be done with the game. still having the same issues for days been ignored on forums :congratulations: @Luxendra thanks for the help with the issue!

another day goes by and i cant enjoy the game i am forced to sit here and be told i have no internet :smiley:

I see no concern with this bug and sadly have been waiting to hear from customer service since Sunday…

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