Build diversity issues in NW/ Upcoming changes

I have been talking to others on the forums and found a lot of agreements on some things.

  1. Split stat being worth more aren’t a terrible design choice but maybe bring all gear up so more stats are available to everyone, ex: to hit the full bonus 50 stats all splits stat gear would be needed but make it so all single stat gear is only 1-2 points behind instead of 5.

  2. Build diversity is something a lot of people are agreeing is an issue. To address this the idea of adding Dex and Str gems has been thrown around along with buffing Foc Gems to the older value. Remove the blesses perk and buff all healing by 20% and replace it with something good.

Also the inclusion of Bleed, poison, and disease gems might be really cool for opening up options.

  1. Another really good point is why are the thresholds for extra stats at 50 point increments instead of spreading out the bonuses between 25 stat increments?

  2. Resilience may still swing armor meta instead of making others consider running armor without it, A very slight nerf to overall crit reduction might be worth INVESTIGATING AND GETTING FEEDBACK ON. ( all caps because lets be real this is going to be complained about).
    Maybe reducing overall crit value to go along with it so the damage taken is similar but less important.

  3. Introduce split stat timeless shards and make basic mods drop more often in the open world. Also let PvP mods be tradable.

  4. Let armor and weapons be cheaper to craft or increase chances to roll legendary. Another thing alienating players is the top 1% richest ability to roll perfect gear while normal players slum it up.

  5. Remove Blessed and increase all healing by 20% this perk is so mandatory it makes any LS without it an instant salvage. Change the perk to give a 2s 5% fortification to recently healed players or something along those lines. Blesses is like the only thing on a LS that matters and it chokes build diversity, REMINDER UP ALL HEALING BY 20% IF BLESSED S REMOVED.

Thank you with these changes it will make the changes already brough up in the PTR much more worthwhile.

Thank you AGS Team. @Shadow_Fox Sorry for the shameless @ this felt like it summed up a lot of traffic on a post that was made and thought this could serve as a good summary.

Expanding build diversity farther is the only way I think the split stat armor change can be correctly implemented. Players do not like being bottlenecked into choosing one of a few select builds, even if a meta exists its better to still have viable options for pve and pvp.

I don’t think it needs to be “cheaper” (though I get what you mean by the term) … it needs to be more expensive (more mats) but more controllable. There is so much freedom of build in this game that gets completely ruined by the gearing system. Who cares if you can run any weapons with any armor loadout … it costs you a fortune to change.

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