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Curious if someone can clear up/explain a bit of this to me:

So I was curious how much wep dmg is based around each attribute pt associated with a stat.

To explain:

I currently run a life staff/void guantlet with a full Foc stat build. But I was curious if I swapped to say life staff/great axe and had to split between Str/Foc would I end up losing a good bit of dmg vs if I ran two Str weps?

Obviously I imagine there would be some loss of dmg vs a pure build but just curious how much loss would be seen.

The best thing would to still run heavy focus and then put the focus dmg gem in your gear. You’ll lose some dmg but wont gimp your lifestaff

Would I still see enough dmg coming from the Great Axe with less pts in Str? I know the milestone markers in each stat are key but like would 50 or 100 in Str and the rest into say Focus still provide enough dmg from the great axe?

Life staff paired with another weapon - the other weapon is more of a utility tool than a full DPS weapon.

The gem turns about 1/2 your dmg into nature which is modified by focus so you’ll still hit a decent amount of dmg but its not going to be super massive. 50-100 points in STR wont really affect your dmg much, maybe a couple hundred points

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you really need the high focus for the lifestaff to be viable; you’d get more mileage out of a CC hammer

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