Bumping mage bugs bc this should be hotfixed and not patched :)

  1. Pillar of Fire has a 50/50 of casting the ability underneath your characters feet, regardless of where your targeter is.
  2. Pillar of Fire doesn’t do damage like 80% of the time.
  3. Sometimes Rune of Helios procs without using ANY Firestaff ability, sometimes it doesn’t proc at all.
  4. Fireball occasionally falls through the map.
  5. Ice Tomb has a moderate chance of putting the ability on cooldown when pressing the button without using the ability. Can be preproduced with or without being CC’d, as well as being in or out of combat.
  6. Ice Storm either ticks once, ticks a few times, or not at all.
  7. Ice Pylon sometimes takes way too many button clicks to place down (have rebound my keybinds to make sure I didnt have a defective button).
  8. The Ice Pylon ability that increases it’s attack speed after dodging appears to proc way less than half of the time.
  9. Skeleton mob hitboxes allow for mage left-click attacks to occasionally sail straight through the centremass without doing anything.
  10. “Clear Mind” empowerment bonus damage can be proced permanently. 10% bonus damage at all times.

I have only used these two weapons and play for many hours a day and have large sample sizes for all of these bugs, none of these are “just happened a few times” bugs for me. Very frequent for literally all of them.



You can get hit while on Ice Tomb and moved.
Incinerate does not hit sometimes on even terrain and correct range. Never hit if you are a little higher or lower than the target
Ice storm last perk bugs out the weapon. Whenever you cast Ice Storm and change weapon during the effect, Ice Storm disappears.
Point 9 also affects Fireball.

Good post!


I have had all of these bugs as well. Another one I see often is when I use Fireball, it passes right through enemies instead of hitting them. OP mentioned this with skeletons, but I’ve had it with several other types of enemies as well. At this point, the Ice Gauntlet is almost impossible to use. So when facing an enemy that is resistant to fire, you’re pretty much shit out of luck as a mage.

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yeah I agree. I don’t want to play hatchet tbh… wars are 50 hatchets vs 50 hatches… meh

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As a mage, I’ve been very sad in the pants the last few days because of these :pensive:


@Luxendra please check the bugs listed here, there are some that I didn’t see in the megathread bug post. Thanks for your work.

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Pretty much everything here is summed up correctly, I am also experiencing these exact same issues across the board.

However, I have had a few rare opportunities to experience the infinite cast time ice storm. When casting this, I will rarely get it to stick and not sure how to repeat this. This causes me not to be able to dodge, close the game, open bags, map and etc. It literally just freezes the character except for movement. In fact I’m pretty sure it was even screen locking me, and if I come across it again, I will test.

To fix this bug, I had to alt-f4, in both scenarios for receiving it.

Also, not mentioned above, when casting Ice Tomb, the cast is not instant, and player can be staggered before it goes off, causing the ability to go on cooldown. I can repeat this problem by casting the ability right before being hit by a “White forecasted” ability from an enemy instead of dodging.

I think the Ice tomb problem is related to queues (maybe I’m wrong).

I tried to cast Ice storm while being in higher terrain than the target and fails almost every time. I tried to cast the same spell while being in lower terrain than the target and seems to fail a bit less.

It’s also affected by the overlap area bug. If you cast Ice storm right after a healer’s area Ice storm doesn’t tick 100%

I play strictly solo like 90% of the time, and can still duplicate this bug like well over 75% of my fights, in fact, I don’t even think it works correctly 1% of the time now.

I don’t believe its terrain related in terms of higher elevation or lower elevation, I can’t get it to work in general. I’ve also tried in flat surface areas as well.

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Thanks! I’ve surfaced this to the investigating team to make sure they’re aware of all of these.


Fire ball deal less damage than excepted when fire staff have a stone with arcane conversion for example

God, what an absolute clown show

Pillar of Fire will hit at your feet if you start casting it while your weapon is stowed by the way. 100% of the time.

But Pillar of Fire is definitely very buggy right now, it hits roughly 50% of the time, and it double hits sometimes (and it’s not even supposed to double hit). Can easily test this on any pve mob, half of the time you use pillar on a npc standing still and it won’t register a hit.

Incinerate is also not hitting proper. If there’s any sort of uneven grounds, incinerate will sometimes just not hit even something is right next to you. This happens often when enemies are in downed state, I can’t finish them with incinerate reliably.

ETA on this weeks maintenance previous dev replies said a fix is incoming this week for that along with the aoe issue?

Also, empowered fireball perk doesnt work. Spent a lot of money on items with this, but the perk does nothing to my dps: Empowered Fireball Perk Doesn't Apply Additional Damage - #8 by Pigseeker

Thanks for the repply @Luxendra!

Are you aware of this?

It is another bug affecting mages.

Agree with Pillar of fire and fireball problems. Ice Storm AOE doesn’t always work and Ice Shower fails often in PVP. Had one player run through it three times in a row either not seeing it or knowing its bugged.

incinerate is also busted. it doesn’t do dmg a good portion of the time.

They should already been aware of it this has been happening for at least a week now

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