Burst damage is still so prominent how will people be able to live through it with the healing nerfs?

If you have been a front line person in a war you probably realize a lot of times your health goes either from like 100% to close to 0 so incredibly fast, right now there are big bursts of damage. For a while it was the grav well but it still persists despite the change ags made so my question is how are people going to live through the burst meta when healers take a few seconds to toss a heal your way with the new lights embrace changes? Will the new shirking health perk be powerful enough that dps isnt constantly in spawn timers or is that what wars will become?

The meta will obviously change but people dont try to be bursted it just happens and i guess everyone will have to accept it? Im trying to predict what will happen after these patches. My biggest guess is that all of us will die more and that might make it more competitive or its just gonna ruin wars. Least dex might have a spot soon though


Ya it’s going to be all aoe heals, so melees will have to play there own life a lot more

yeah people gonna have to play more careful or die but again, you cant really control you being bursted unless you hide from the fight

For sure, more deaths for everyone. Def an opportunity to find a new point combat meta, but honestly not looking forward to it ( I’m a group healer)

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Melees will have to bring Ice Gauntlet to self peel with Shower + Entomb. Should they run out of Stamina in Gravity Wells.

Way fewer VGs since Nullifying does not remove SG + Beacon persistent heals. It does remove Fortify Sacred Ground, up until Sacred ground reapplies the fortify.

AoE healer is the only build in wars now. Boooring.


Should we start placing bets on whether or not we’re gonna see more “Healers are Op” posts after the ptr goes live?


If we do we’ll know it’s from DPS who want there to be no healers at all.

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its true, i mean you see them on every healer post talking about how they cant wait for no more healers, but its super clear these are the people who arent in wars.

You kinda need healers for wars unless you either do not want to fight as a melee, or you like dying

dex will be fine


You know those days of a a melee with healer steam rolling though groups of people or light armor rolling in to the middle of melee to do damage and roll,out.

Yeah peps will learn quick to stay the hell back and pick and choose their fights.

I also like the idea that healers will now have to actually care they are being damaged instead and decide do they heal themselves or the group.

crazy concept but healers always did care about being damaged which is why they are on the outside of the fights where you arent taking damage

Or rolling around in light armor with rapier and shirking fortification with 3-5 peps chasing them around trying to stun and kill them why they heal the dps and occasionally stop to heal themselves.

Those healers?

Don’t worry those days are numbered and now you become a player not gods anymore in PvP. It’s ashamed though PVE healing has to suffer.

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Ah, you think the people whining about healers care about war balance? I’ve talked to these people. They don’t. They barely even participate in OPRs. They have no idea what’s coming. They just get mad they can’t solo gank someone who does 25% of their DPS in the open world. They’re not even dying to them or anything. They want their easy kills against people who can’t possibly kill them back and that’s all that’s driving them. War/OPR/game health be damned.


Imagine being this clueless about light counters.

Legit how are you this clueless about PVP. Do you even play the game? 2+ competent DPS can fuck a heavy healer. We gonna be disingenous here and pretend like nullifying oblivion + anti heal out the ass doesn’t completely cripple LE to a 1K heal? Because it does. You people live in a fantasy world (and it isn’t this one).

Probably means you need to be a bit more cautious instead of yeeting into AOEs and relying on healers.

Oh melee won’t function. I already know what way the meta is gonna go.

more dex, less melee, only AOE healers, mages will reign supreme

Close to my thoughts. I think mages will have their place but bows will dominate.

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Lol we’re gods guys/gals

Damn could you guy imagine if we had even just 1 ability from other mmo’s we play? These healer haters have no idea how much vanilla their given. So much vanilla that they can’t even manage to chain spells properly.

Could definitely use a smite ability or retribution tree. @Zentaragi

Sadge. :cry:

Yeah, healers in other games can skill check the baddies. This game? Nah.