Burst or Bust META is Trash

After reading many posts and suggestions and having some of my own, some basic tuning that isn’t related to nerfing or buffing certain builds and more of a general pass on combat.

Buff Actual DPS > Increase HP per Con

Personal Opinion on General Combat:

Constitution/Health Balance:

  • Constitution gives 25 health per attribute point.
  • 100 Con Light is around 10k Health. (750 Resistances)
  • 200 CON Medium has around 13k Health. (1500 Resistances)
  • 300 Con Heavy has around 16k Health. (2200 Resistances)


  • These are values on a Normal 625 Healer with PTR changes. Normal modifiers most healers should have 90% of the time are added. Does not count Divine Blessing.

  • Divine Embrace and Lights Embrace can be up every 3 seconds with the right gear and together heal for almost 20k.
  • You can’t have 20k health.
  • Should healers really be able heal 1% to 100% in one ability every 3 seconds on medium users? Or heal a tank to full health in 2 spells?
  • 20k Health every 3 seconds on 2 abilities.
  • Sacred Ground heals 15,550 over 10 seconds. That’s a full heavy 300 con tanks health pool.
  • This isn’t a Nerf healing thread.

Damage Numbers

  • Most weapons hit for 1k or so on Normal Attacks, on average geared people it’s around 1500 on mediums and 2k on lights.
  • Most abilities hit for around 2/3k except for certain overtuned abilities.
  • Biggest bursts in the game vs regular medium gear is around 12k on BB and Great Axe can do 8-9k and upwards depending on How many are in GWell.


  • 25% with full Resilient
  • 150 Con gives 10% Resilient
  • Crit modifiers are 1.3 and 1.4
  • Crits were changed to additive rather than multiplicative
  • Crits can do LESS damage than a non crit.
  • Easiest and best 600 GS armor to have with expertise cutting everything in half to get is Voidbent with full res, this is fine.
  • Most abilities can crit. This is the problem.
  • Crits should be reserved for attacks only (DPS) and reserved for Burst Mages (FS) to have a certain specialization for abilities to have the ability to crit.


  • Bursts and Heals match, everyone on the forums complain about Healers and Burst.
  • Match Health Pools to these heals and bursts.
  • Remove crits from abilities unless stated like FS bring in order to bring actual DPS into play.
  • Buffing Crit Modifiers and removing 150 Con Resilience on weapons will keep damage in line with increasing HP per con.
  • 25 HP per Con should be something like 40 HP per Con or so.
  • Reinforced Perk should be Bonus Resists on armor to give bruisers a survivability perk to balance Critical Damage being buffed.
  • This will make tanks tankier.
  • An Armor Pen perk or Natural Armor Pen should be built into specific trees.
  • With damage changes and Health Pools almost doubling there will be a solid difference between 100 Con and 300 Con rather than 10k health and 16k health.
  • 100 Con light should be around 16k.
    200 Con Medium should be around 25k.
    300 Con heavy should be around 40k.


  • The balance between all of them and the current mechanics causes this Burst or Bust META.
  • Actual DPS is not effective due to heals.
  • Small health Pools and huge heals creates this Burst or Bust.
  • Crits on abilities render an auto attack build useless.
  • Crit modifiers on weapons and Resillience makes for full res and 150 con to make crits do less damage in certain cases compared to a normal attack.
  • With buffs to a lot of defense, tanks could become overpowered. I think Intel should be changed to have 300 Intel be Bonus Damage based on physical resists to fix this if need be.

This affects PvE in large ways but mobs can always be tested in PTR and tuned to render changes null and void.

950 ?

pure armor, 0 elemental armor then yes.

btw wish physical aversion would work for melee attacks ( german discription says standard physical attacks ) :sweat_smile:


Thank you for correction. It was an honest guess. Lol

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Was wonder same thing

medium 200 con
3 piece are 50:50 elemental:physical.
so there easy 1.9k armor, 2k armor

Basing the one number off of 50/50. For a general rating.

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ye but ppl go full armor and stack resilient + elemental aversion and some opal/onyx :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah and people can still burst for 10k. Lol. That’s exactly my point. Heals are strong. Damage is strong. Health pools are whack.



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armor ratings are whack, perk/attribute stacking is whack, perk quality is whack, attribute threshold qualities are whack. the whole system is whack.


I wouldn’t be opposed to having 25 starting attributes. :man_shrugging:

AKA 600 stat point builds instead of 500.

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i dunno 300/300 str/con sounds really annoying to fight.

or 600 con tanks.

not that its not going to happen when they release a new zone and increase the level cap to 70 or something.

but really id rather they tone down every weapon to the rapiers offensive level.

nerf all dodging and i frame and give those to various weapon abilities that make sense. and or make blocking actually worth it.

for actual pvp counter play involving though and choices instead of. charge clump , grav well, sundering shock wave, maelstrom, repeat, while mages near by would be, see grav well, throw fireball, pillar,

or the ice support, see grav well or clump, hit ice wall, drop oblivion, walk away.

Nothing that’s - and this would - going to require a complete pass through the PvE mobs, elite areas, and expeditions to re-tune them all is going to happen any time in the foreseeable future. You’re looking at a PvX game purely through a PvP lens.

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True, but I feel like with 600 stat builds DR would extend to 350/400.

Tanks can be 250/350 bruisers can be 350/250 DPS can be 300/200/100.

I could be dead wrong, but if it was 600 stat totals, light DPS could have more options to get more damage meanwhile still retaining 100 con.

Medium Bruisers get more health and a little bit of damage. If you they go 400/200 they’ll be squishier due to light DPS being 500 stat damage and 100 con. 300/300 then they gain health and no damage compared to live and that’s offset by light DPS having more damage.

Personally I’d rather see 900 stat totals. 600 stats in a primary stat category for 2 maxed stats or 1 max and mix the rest. Then put 300 stats in a subcategory statline. So you can full spec 1 subcat or half and half two different ones.

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Focus
  • Con

Sub stats that have no weapon scaling but have general buffs.

  • Toughness: Defensive properties.
  • Wisdom: Mana and Spell modifiers.
  • Alacrity: Mobility and Critical Strikes.
  • Mindfulness: Cooldowns and similar utility.
  • Power: General Damage properties.

Milestones should have 3 options to pick from, not one static one.

Literally waaaayyyyy too much for this game right now. There’s not enough difference between 300 strength and 200 CON compared to 200 strength and 300 con.

400 strength and 200 CON compared to 200 strength and 400 con is a massive difference.

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this feels like its going off the rails real quick.

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Resilient nerf wouldn’t affect PvE.

Health Pools being larger with more defensive perks can be fixed with increasing damage done by mobs.

Critical Damage being buffed can be fixed with increasing health pool by % of damage increase.

No change in healing numbers besides target having more health. For mutations and expeditions or upon entering an elite zone they just add a bonus heal while in combat. Goes on 1 minute cooldown if targets were hit by a player recently in open world.

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Welcome to me in a nutshell. Lmao.

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Hi there IDarkStar, you’ve got some good thoughts here, I will pass them onto the Dev team for you so they can have a look. Take care!


Good post. I like your suggestions. Been hating the Burst or Bust META for a while. In wars, especially with the amount of CC it’s either you survive in the root or die in the root. PvP in wars tend to naturally flow towards clumping. In 1v1s vs healer you either burst them down, or the heal to full. After that it’s hoping you can be effective for long enough for them to make a mistake or run out of mana.

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