... but are they?

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My old server, Zugen, is still “Under maintenance” so… It even says so on the Official Server Status page.


We are looking into it :slight_smile:

ALL of the merged servers on US East are still showing ‘under maintenance’ with characters still on those servers instead of on the new servers.

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says they are available to play, but my character is still on Trapalanda.

Right, they’re not available.

I have the deepest of sympathy for the forum mods, I really do…

When The DEVs tell you something though… they’re probably wrong. Trust but verify.

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got a bad feeling about this guys :face_with_spiral_eyes:


If only they had time to prepare and multiple other servers to practice on until now. Oh wait….

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Right, like you wouldnt check yourself before posting an update?

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half the server is in the other half cant get in

Why is it always the same?
Each maintenance or patch brings players some disappointment…
again and again
Why can’t they do the job as expected on the first attempt?

… on the plus side… if they delete everything by mistake because they are trying to write hundreds of entries into a LIVE database maybe they’ll start over.

More likely though they’ll give everyone a skin though.

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first merge I went through went smooth… nothing like this.

US east Omeyocan merge not up for me

Cut them some slack, we’re not missing out on much lol.

We are aware of this issue and the team is investigating. When I have an update, I will share it here but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

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Game sentiment aside, I actually have three real life friends that were planning on playing. We’re all stuck here just sitting clicking refresh. So we’re all losing out precious time. I’m fine with unforeseen obstacles, life happens. But, please don’t post that all systems are up when they aren’t. Someone got a bit trigger happy.


:expressionless: refesh…over and over
Looks like all east coast servers are down still.
And os there a 72 hour ban on wars into the mew server?

We are investigating an issue that occurred when merging US-East servers but all other regions are up. For the sake of keeping all of the updates related to this in one place, please refer to the Official News post.