Buying additional houses


I have a T4 house in New Corsica(BS) atm. Now I want to buy additional houses for trophies. Does it matter in which city I buy them? Do town buffs like a 10% HP stack? I see that WW and Everfall have the most upgrades. But they belong to other factions.
Does any of it matter at all?

No, but you’ll obviously want to ensure you have a house in a major town that always runs Hale & Hearty and Stalwart.

Not really! Heavily depends on your server, but on mine, some towns run more PvE oriented buffs, rather than just Stalwart and H&H. Generally, if you are just buying them for trophies, it won’t really matter.

I assume you mean town level. It won’t really effect much, other than the likelihood of town upgrades actually being run.

I originally bought all of my houses using the company discount, but now they are all owned by other factions. It doesn’t really matter outside of that.