Buying Power and boosting need to stop(stop carries and umbral shard sales w/better gameplay)

AGS support boosting/RMT/bots/goldselling with the ability to buy power in game via carries and shards.
with the ability for these power transfers to happen.
Non action on this front just proves that AGS support boosting/RMT/bots/goldselling.

boosting “communities” only destroy legit games and gamers. boosting is toxic in and of itself.

AGS please stop supporting the bots and bad actors that are selling power to other players.

(tinfoil time)AGS probably refuse to handle the bot situation because the player count would get catastrophic and they may have to explain to corporate why the servers are still on.(end tinfoil time)

not talking about ToS so please dont try and change the subject, im talking about better game design needed

i got all the shards and prestige i need, this is to protect new world from bad design,
and hopefully find some ways to improve.

Contributing factors to cause selling/buying power:

  • poor game system design
  • time gating content
  • forcing players into a game mode they do not enjoy

Potential improvement examples:
(im not great at this sry, these are answer from posts below not mine)

  • increase shard availability and sources.
  • Provide more shards for OPR(2000 for win 1000 for loss)
  • shard rewards for 3v3 when it comes out
  • Incorporate shard rewards to corrupted breaches/portals(providing another reason to close
  • Incorporate shards as rewards from leveling gathering and/or mastery levels

p.s. if you are talking about tos all you did is prove you cannot read.


Holy cow dude stop your whining about people who sell or buy shards. And no I haven’t ever bought shards or sold. In literally every mmo I’ve ever played have had groups selling raid Carry’s. It’s nothing new. Grow up man, stop being such a baby and spamming the forums, the devs responded and said there’s nothing wrong with it. So leave it alone. You look like a giant man child who can’t handle someone else got the same thing as you for less work. That’s life man. Also you can literally get 625 at this point by just doing gymsum dailies for a few weeks, plus opr and other activities. So who gives a hoot if someone pays for 6k shards. Seriously… does it affect you? No it doesn’t, does it give you a disadvantage, no it doesn’t, so top your whining, the only people who have a disadvantage in pvp are fresh 60s with low gs and no expertise Pvp comes down to skill! If you are over 600 gs it makes very minimal to no difference. My skill in a 600 gs set will kill you in a 625 10/10 times.


Asked and answered…many times…and you know it. You’ve been in those threads. It’s gotten so bad that they had to start locking them…as this one should be.

No, all it proves is that we’re going to continue to point out that it’s specifically allowed by AGS.

Nah, you just don’t want anyone to have an option to grind a bit less to join the 625 Club by paying gold for carries. It’s not bad design. MMOs have had carries in dungeons/raids that drop great gear as long as those dungeons and raids have existed in MMOs. This is no different, it is simply umbrals in place of directly getting those drops.


It’s currently allowed.

If you’re paying for a service, ingame with ingame currency, then it’s fine.

It’s lame, but it’s not breaking the rules.

What we should be talking about instead is how the expertise timegate, added to the game with the unstated (but obvious) intention of slowing the progress to endgame pvp gear, is being circumvented with gold.

The whole point of the expertise system (beyond being fiddly and giving us daily chores to do) is to make it harder for someone to just use a bunch of gold and then buy a carry and then buy a bunch of gear with that gold and come out of it with a level 60 in the highest end pvp gear.

The reason for this is because people DO buy gold with real money and they were supposed to not be able to do that and then immediately be competitive at endgame, trivializing much of the content the rest of us did to get there.

it was supposed to require time investment to get full 600 expertise functionality from that gear and then improve it up to 625.

All we added was another step that could be bought with gold, to carry them from 500-625.

First you buy some regular gen and laz carries until you get your expertise bumps to 600, then you buy umbral from people doing mutations to get up to 625.

The intent of the system was to handicap gold getting you to the highest peaks of endgame, but it doesn’t work. It’s a poorly designed system and does not function the way it should.

That should be discussed a lot more than it is.

This is the literal behavior of a child mad the parent said no to the chocolate bar.

It is officially confirmed no matter how many times you spam the same topic 100 times over. Carrying is not illegal.
Umbral Shard Selling is not illegal

You are wrong. Accept it.


Selling carries, shards whatever for in game currency is not against the ToS. Its been answered and locked many times. These threads are getting old. It doesnt hurt the game and all you are going to do by recreating these threads is get yourself banned. You have zero proof of anyone selling gold for real money. Until you do please kindly stfu.

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Let’s forget that it’s legal for a second.

If people are selling and buying this service in game, what does it tell us?

Basically that for many players, Umbrals shards are not readily available enough.

Instead of worrying about Sweaty Bob doing a dungeon for casual Jimmy, maybe the devs should focus on making Umbrals more readily available in other game modes?


In technicalities there are a few ways to get umbral.

The fastest: Mutation (Gives the Most)

The middleman: RaffleBones & Gypsum Cast. (Gives Average)

The slowest: OPR (Gives scraps)

I’m aware of all this. The problem is the fastest method isn’t appealing to a large portion of the player base.

There should be methods to obtain equivalent amounts through PvP and crafting/gathering.

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There is umbral in the top tiers of the PVP rewards track. Im not sure how much but they mentioned it today in a Q&A on Amazon Games Discord.

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Good to hear. Hopefully it’s significant.

We shall see. I dont know any details about where it is in the track or how much but they mentioned the top tiers reward umbral. Im pretty sure there are like 200 levels so that’s a long grind to get there. At that point Umbral should be pretty significant IMO.

Considering that you can get new gear from the rewards I think they should also sprinkle Umbral in earlier than just the top as well. New gear needs to be leveled.

this seems like the best info we got so far, more options to obtain shards seems like a great idea pigeon holing people into one game mode seems like a bad design when trying to appeal to PVX Gamers

and ty for remaining on topic

The Devs aren’t worried about it - some scant few posters here are.

Its not an issue at all - selling shards.
Im not running mutated dungeons and my average GS is 624. There is no issue updating GS if we talk about 1-3 armor/weapon sets.

Also its not an issue if ppl buy shard to progress 600->625 faster since the difference in dmg is 4% and 1% in amor. If they want to get t hre faster i see no issue with that.

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Out of all the “issues” in this game you choose the least impactful one to obsess over? Selling services for in game currency isn’t an issue. You really want the developers to focus on this stupid “issue” versus fixing everything else?

Move on and focus on a real issue.

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I read your entire garbage post. You are just trying to avoid having the tread locked or closed by denying what the post is really about.

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Provide more shards for OPR and upcoming PVP modes (2000 for win 1000 for loss) . Will make selling shards in mutations just pointless.

Shards were a grind wall anyway, keep people occupied.

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And for people who dont see the problem, its just adding more participation walls to the Great Grind Wall of Aeternum.

devs aren’t worried about their game design and how players engage with it? that just seems incorrect.