Buying Power and boosting need to stop(stop carries and umbral shard sales w/better gameplay)

I guess byting gear for gold should be illegal too then?

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How many times do staff members on the forums need to post that the activity is fine with them for you to get it? AGS says it’s ok…

let that sink in 1

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buying power is bad and needs to be dealt with.

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By that logic than the town post should be removed since we can all buy power from it.

selling power is bad mkay ags

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I block them all in game, shard buyers and sellers, cheaters are not friends.

totally, get rid of this shard selling.

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You are wrong. Your opinion is biased factually incorrect and you’re delusional.

Shard selling is healthy for the game. It promotes social interaction and creates an economy between the servers pve and pvp communities. Who the hell are you to dictate how a group of players can exchange goods or services??

Here we have another Karen screaming at some kids selling lemonade. Mind your business play your own game. These groups don’t involve or effect you.


It’s not healthy. That’s why Blizzard now realized it after years and years live, now they are actually banning boosting

AGS should learn from them, that’s why WoW still survive to this day with old graphic and stuff. They know what to do

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In the current state of things I do not have the drive to sit and grind up 4 different mob resist sets to 625 just to participate in M10s. All I want to do is PVP. Grinding the shards for a 625 set is gruelling if all you do is PVP. So I pay for shards and continue to enjoy the content I do want to play. What’s the problem with that? If they wanted to go about fixing 90% of the problem, they’d make mob resist perks universal so you wouldn’t need so many different sets.

PVE gear is normal. However, I don’t ever recall having to go into Stratholme with Undead resistance gear on. And even in cases where different damage resists were a thing like in the case of Eve Online it was an easy ordeal to swap over the resists on your ship.

The vast majority of people are simply not motivated enough to go through all those dungeons to get all of those sets maxed to 625. Can you blame them? It’s not exactly entertaining content. It’s a difficult problem to solve. Because if you remove them or make them a universal PVE resist perk you run the risk of frustrating the people who did go to those lengths.


LMFAO this has to be a joke right? Blizzard is living off the name of an ip they’ve since ran into the ground. They are not even close to what ags should emulate.


Nothing funny, which part is a joke?

The premise that blizzard banning selling carriers is why their doors are still open. The only reason wow is alive anymore is because the name warcraft is so iconic and folks still try to see what the game use to be rather than what it is today.

I wish I could but I have been sitting at 200 so every time I want to block someone I have to let some other tool out of block jail. :unamused:

I don’t know why you’d even care about people buying shards, after 600 GS the difference is so minor it barely matters

I don’t even bother getting my gear to 625 and the only reason you actually need to increase it over 600 is to get the threshold for extra stat points and if you’re doing mutated to the end

I just get armor/jewellery to 623 and weapons to 625.

Although, this does remind me of the fire resist set for molten core. frost for naxx. This was not fun either T_T

Common misconception of the new policy. This policy is targeted towards the large boosting communities that spammed chats on realms and across realms to sell those services. It does not effect individuals or even guilds from doing so. Just the large communities.

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I understand that as a PVP player you dont want to do dungeons to PVP. Im just commenting to say you dont really need ward sets if you are a good player, which I know you are. I dont run any ward sets. I just change gems (expensive af). I run light armor and I do just fine.

They arent even banning selling carries. Just the large communities that spammed chat across realms all day. The ones that operated similar to gold sellers where they had huge community of people across all realms that could boost anywhere anytime. Those are the people not allowed anymore. The regular person or guild can still sell carries no problem. Some people just misunderstand the new policy.

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