Buying your first home

I am hoping my experience will save someone else the grief and disappointment I feel at the moment. I worked very very hard to save up and purchase my first home, a tier 4 house in Everfall. Sadly to say after the transaction was completed I discovered I had in fact purchased a tier 2 house. I may have missed something but when you purchase your first home you get the same, one-time discount “display” regarding 50% off the $20,000.00 home, regardless of what house you are standing in front of at that time. Seeing this “display”, I wrongly assumed I was indeed buying the $20,000.00 home. Nowhere did it display what tier level of home I was about to purchase. It was only after the completed transaction did I learn I now owned a tier 2 home. Totally my mistake, I get it. But why could the developers not include in the purchase wording what tie level is of the home you are about to purchase, and ask for confirmation that you are aware of your tier level choice? Oh, how I wish I could get a refund for my house purchase. I truly do. I am so disheartened now that I am struggling to carry on with the game. All totally my fault, I own it, and the buyer beware. So, do you,r homework folks, Google is your friend if you need maps of town layouts and where what tier level houses are placed where in that town. I now know several other players who have made the same mistake as well. Sure wish someone had given me a heads up. Is there any way on God’s green earth I can get a refund on my house purchase? Please?? My in-game name is JADC on the US East Server of Ohonoo.

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No way to refund it.

And its crazy houses cost thta much when they are a key feature of the game.

It took me 682 hours of gameplay, (OK, I’m slower than your average bear) to save up 10K for that tier 4 house. Words cannot describe how upset I am with myself for making this mistake. I hope others learn from my mistake.

Max out smelting, you will make 4-5k a day. Its very easy to do so (making asmodeum bars). You can opt to sell the cooldowns for 2-3k, or make them yourself for more (4-5k).

Thanks for the advice. I am working on it. At the moment I’m only level 156 smelting.

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