Caer Sidi, Gov's report: continuous lag exploit abuse

There is one saying that comes in my mind,“If the shoe fits, then wear it”. Anyway hope amazon will fix this issue and whoever used it for personal gain to pay the consequences!

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From what I have seen and experienced, I can say that there is a major problem with lag and delay in wars. Intended or not, but mostly intended, as let’s be honest undefeated and well organized guild is being steamrolled just days after the exploit is being revild on OFFICIAL forum of the game is just pure coincidence, I mean this is the only game where best source of exploits is the official forum of the game.

  1. This exploit makes sige weapons usless, as shots are not registered at all, when you are aiming at the blob. I mean 0, nada, non dmg is being delt.

  2. You can still deal damage, but from what I can see and deduce, animations showing dmg/heal are on clinet side, but the server is stil checking and calculating them, this makes so the queue apears for dmg/heal to be applyed correctly. It is more of a first come first served. When they spam ice/heal, they start the queue with there abilitis. As we are responding as a defender, we are using our skills latere ergo puting them at the end of the Q. The Q can become sooo long, that they can capture the point befor the majority of the calculation is being done on that point and to them.

  3. When the lag occures, what you see is not what is going on. You can try to hit someone who is in front of you, but they are in completle different place at the same time on their screen.
    Where at the same time you can deal dmg to the air, but in reality killing bunch of ppl. I have experienced it, being instatly killed by nothing just after the lag went off.

This only occurs when a lot of peple dose it at the same time and at the same place, so it must be some how organized (somehow intended to occur). I did not see this lag occure when people where fighting on the gates, when most of the people where spread into smaller groups.


here is a prime exampel on what lag does. Full blue on the point, and freezing and then all red on point. this is from the attack on RSA in morningdale after the server restarted.

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Damage is applied, healing is applied, enemy rushed in. What’s wrong?

Ah i get it now. Report is about offensive players being immortal and you just proved they are not, so topic closed?

Then they must refuse to participate, and stop their participation. Otherwise they are part of the exploit.

You synchronize your damage abilities to outdps enemy healers, otherwise we can spend those 30 minutes on one flag with never ending story. There are more than enough videos in this topic now that show damage being applied correctly. You don’t see numbers on other players for performance and all melee damage, healing, siege, aoe is calculated correctly.

To further elaborate on @Pensionisten video being perfect proof of no exploit being used im gonna focus on this most “lagged” part of video.

00:19 - healing potion shortcut lights up, health is immediately restored
00:19 - siege cannon knocking him back and dealing damage
00:20-00:21 - after landing in multiple healing spots he receives fast ticking healing - meaning all calculations for health increase appear immediately, and while his outgoing healing is not always displayed it is always received.
00:21+ - auto attacks deal damage and are displayed without any delay.

Anyone wants to show us where this ‘exploit’ takes place?

Like the old saying goes. “you just cant win with these people” They see what they wanna see, and will defend their point off view until death, even thought they know they are in the wrong.

taking citys thats never been taken before with almost maxed defences in record time, and calling it “skills”

Winning the battles where the lag exploit is being used all the time, but loosing the battles where its not being used.

Looking at the map before the lag exploit was used and sindy was being hard pressed, now they are taking “most” citys in record time, since the 2 other factions are not cowering too using the same exploits.

But fair has to be fair, in the battles i have been in, it is RSA that are the users of the exploits. Figths there the majority is not RSA but people like ex. Pigeons have been really good scraps. Everyone (including myself) is just getting hate tunnel vision and blame every sindy corp there is, when its one alliance that is at fault.

Winning and loosing is all part of the game, i dont mind loosing a city, because then i have the chance to fight to take it back. But i hate that i can be lost, without having a proper chance to defend/attack it due to and exploit.

You can defend your point of view all that you like, that is your right, but facts speaks for them self, just look at reddit and other forums, its being done on most servers, to get an upperhand.

What facts? You don’t have any. Just as i don’t see any answer to my two posts showing that all the abilities work for both sides even during lag.

taking citys thats never been taken before with almost maxed defences in record time, and calling it “skills”

You mean windsward that we attacked once in first week and only failed to claim flag inside fort?

Winning the battles where the lag exploit is being used all the time, but loosing the battles where its not being used.

That’s interesting. Problem is in considering every Syndicate company as part of RSA. So when it comes to “exploiters” you are pointing at RSA, and when searching for proof you point at whole Syndicate loosing - pretty convenient. There was not a single war lost by white gloves, and as alliance i’m pretty sure we lost only two of a dozen.

Everyone (including myself) is just getting hate tunnel vision and blame every sindy corp there is, when its one alliance that is at fault.

Have you tried considering our position? Holding Everfall and Monarch since very release, wining every defense and suddenly getting blamed when we start offensive?

But fair has to be fair, in the battles i have been in, it is RSA that are the users of the exploits.

If you don’t have any direct proof of that you should withdraw your accusations.

just look at reddit and other forums, its being done on most servers, to get an upperhand.

Is that a proof? Ok, so now imagine someone saying that about your company: “you are exploiting ice gauntlet, just look at reddit and other forums, its being done on most servers, to get an upperhand”. And how you imagine defending from that? Look at other people, they are commiting tax frauds, thats a proof you also do that.

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I think you are funny… i do love your replys “fake news” Everyone on the internet is wrong, there is no exploit, every server that is posting it is wrong, they are all just bad players.

i will go back to the my own statement you just cant win with these people


Seems like Amazon don’t care about it.
So many threads and report and they do shit about it.
Not even one reply.
They will lose players sooner or later cause of that.

It looks like you’re exploiting because of the sheer amount of SG and Rift spam coming from your side. Two abilities that aren’t needed more than 5-10 max users per war. You clearly have almost 20 healers in your war, maybe more, that’s what seems odd about it. And before this bug was even reported this wasn’t the meta for armies because it doesn’t work when there isn’t lag. Rift doesn’t do anything to front liners because it’s a small amount of damage and slowing is useless when you’re 3 feet from the person you’re fighting. SG works well enough with a small amount of healers over a certain amount most heals aren’t even procing. Just saying this army build is the same one every army that’s winning wars based on lag is using. Mass healers, mass ice, mass rift. That seems like exploiting to me, especially when it’s the defending side doing it, because you don’t need kills you just need to stop the enemy from taking any points. So lag does that for you, slows everyone down long enough for the 30 minutes to pass.

I already said it but I’ll say it to you, the reason it looks like exploiting is because of the amount of SG, Rift and Storm your side is using. You have an odd army build that literally wasn’t a build at all until this bug started gaining attention. Rift spam, SG spam, and Storm spam are what cause it so when your army is majorly ice gauntlet, rift GA, and SG healers you have 20 healers 15 ax users and 15 fucking ice that’s a weird and suspicious build. I get that those probably aren’t your actual numbers, but that’s what make it look like you’re exploiting a bug. “These abilities are causing latency.” “Yeah it’s weird, the majority of our army uses those abilities and for some reason everyone thinks we’re exploiting a bug.” Your army build doesn’t actually make any sense for attack or defense which is another reason people find it suspicious. Rift is really only a useful ability on attack to slow zerg, and even then you don’t need more than 5 users of it. heals don’t even proc in the same tick so when you spam 20 SG on a single point you’re doing nothing except lagging the game. and ice debuff everyone in it so again the max amount you need is 5 gauntlets depending on your strategy maybe a few more. and again spamming them all in one spot does nothing. If you were going for AoE damage you’d be using fire spells not ice. Just saying, these are the reasons you’re getting accused of exploitation. Regardless of whether or not your company is doing that, the bug needs to be fixed by amazon, and I hope it does, because this mass healer, ice, rift spam build isn’t even a good army build and will immediately fade out when it’s no longer exploitable. Also the lag is annoying as fuck.

WE (RSA/DC) have barely any G-axe players. That’s pretty much all yellows playing g-axe lol. We have about 10-15 healers. One healer in each squad plus some others who play it as a secondary (like me) because I play tank + healer for PvE. At this point its just all getting rather pathetic. Lag exploit is definitely a problem, people using it should get banned. Sadly we are not one of those groups. So please, raise awareness for it, scream it to AGS constantly, but just stop blaming Syndicate for your own factions incompetence. I watched back Cerulianclaw’s VOD of Covenant’s Reekwater Attack, there is lag however they all scream that the lag give attackers major advantage yet suddenly attackers being immune is a lie and its all defenders advantage. Lag effects everyone, and as a concept its pretty consistent therefore it should still give attackers the advantage even if Syndicate were intentionally causing it. The problem in the Reekwater attack is abundantly clear, so clear that his chat is practically screaming it at him. Maybe go back, watch the VOD with a clear head and actually assess your mistakes. RSA are a closed beta house who dominated then, have lots of experience and dedicate a lot of time to the game both planning wars and executing them. Accusing RSA of using an exploit when we’ve shown clear EVIDENCE proving the contrary really does just make you look pathetic. We have posted multiple VOD’s and stream every war (albeit with a delay on now). Stop slinging rubbish accusations around and consider working on your shortcomings.
K Thanks Bye.

Well now that it’s all been patched, looks like I was right, there’s no armies with that amount of healers or ice gauntlets in it. Crazy :thinking:

rsa all left the server, another big faction of purple changed colors (i’m seeing a lot of names that used to be syndicate as others) basically purple has been decimated on caer sidi. there are other reasons than exploit for it’s current sad state.

although there is a rumour that a lot of RSa got banned and people keep saying it’ snot rumor it’s true… sooo… there is that as well haha

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